Sunday, August 30, 2009

nuggets from the george

today's title: nuggets from the george

i love women.

my experiences with women have provided me life-long lessons, and many happy memories. the most important lessons i've learned, usually have come at the expense of sabotaging a potentially good relationship. recently, a good friend of mine asked...."what type of woman are you looking for?" my answer, "a woman that can deal with stress....'cuz it's coming." i said that jokingly, but judging from my history, it's not entirely false. granted, i have matured mentally and emotionally as a man; however, I’m not completely absolving myself as "no longer being trife" ladies, this article is for you. using myself as an example, i will do the best i can in helping you avoid the bullshit people encounter when dealing with the opposite sex. i'm not an expert. just a man who's caused enough stress to the right amount of women, to know exactly how she can avoid it.

**before i continue, let me define relationship: your connection with someone else...whether it be boyfriend/girlfriend or purely sexual. relationship is defined individually and should not be used in one manner when reading this post.**

1. ladies, realize you have no way of knowing whether your man is being completely honest with you. you can only hope. for example, going through his cell phone is not a good method of discovering if your man is being truthful. your "detective/murder she wrote" ways will only leave you frustrated and even more distrustful of your man. simply because, a man with something to hide will not leave bad news laying around on a cell phone. it's too easy....since i am solution oriented, here is the main way to establish honesty in your relationship....women, initially say what you want, and be consistent in those expectations. do not break up with a man for the same reasons you were attracted to him. that makes you a bad decision-maker. if a man knows what you want, based on those expectations he'll deduct if this is something worth pursuing. if he decides against it, you haven't wasted any time.....if he pursues you, then you're off to a good start. in 2009, we are currently in a recession. no man is going to take a woman out, just for "the chase of sex." those days are over. please get the idea out of your head, that he is taking you out for the goal of sex. in an era of text messages, twitter, and facebook, sex is too accessible to spend money trying to achieve...if you are a productive male with a car, you can have sex.

i have learned to be upfront with women. i have found relationships much more enjoyable when i know what situation i'm getting into with a woman. for example, if i know she only wants to cook for me and have sex, i'm okay with that. while you're making me a sandwich, i'll watch judge joe brown and wash up in your sink....every woman i have done right by, was honest with me. every woman that has tried to hide something from me, usually ended up hating me because i fucked them over....

2. ladies, once you are on the same page with your man, here comes the easy part....maintaining the relationship. communication is key, especially when dealing with men. we are not always listening to what you have to say, especially once we are established in the relationship. this especially annoys women because they are can have a healthy relationship simply by keeping your problems amongst yourselves and working things out. no guyfriend/girlfriend advice, facebook/twitter updates stating "I'M SO UPSET WITH (insert male/dog name here)...AHHHHHH!!!!" and when no one responses, re-posting 20 mins. later, or any nonsense of that nature. know this, your man will appreciate that about you, especially when he sees that you have his best interest at heart in fixing problems when they occur instead of saving things to be upset with him about.

it has never been my nature to broadcast my relationship with women. men who are quick to tell the world their current situation with females are insecure and are hiding something. whether you are cheating or being faithful, no one needs to know your next move. just lay low, and let things naturally progress.

3. i finally will address the elephant in the room: how do you know if your man is cheating. simply put, unless you catch him, you will not know. you can lower your percentage of getting cheated on by having frequent intercourse and giving fellatio. this also applies for men. women are more secretive than men, so we really have no clue of whether a woman is cheating . all we can do is be proficient at intercourse and performing cunnilingus, and hope for a happy home....i sounded real surgical just then...anyway, the cheating subject goes both ways. there is no way to avoid having someone cheat on you, things happen in life. no one is immune to "the game”, we all potentially can get fucked over. however, if you put your best foot forward, you just have to deal with it, and move on...also, understand that everyone in a relationship will be tempted to cheat at some point. the better of us, refuse to be enticed...others, including the past, give into the lure of free sex. the funny thing about that is once you do cheat, you no longer trust your partner because of your mistakes....that's really backwards....i went through my cheating phase during college. i was not going to be faithful in a relationship. i knew this and so did the women, but.....they were willing, and were destroyed in the process. i remember one time....nevermind. another story, for another day.

hopefully this helped, if it didn''re off on your own girl © al b. sure!


PJordan said...

if a man knows what you want, based on those expectations he'll deduct if this is something worth pursuing.


ELA Exclusive said...

Well done.