Monday, November 14, 2011

my playlist

My playlist from 11/6-12.

1. live and let die – guns n roses: not a big GNR fan, but this one sticks. good music to leave the office to on a weekend. fugg it all, ready to relax.
2. D.A.N.C.E. – justice: my favorite song to jog too. my favorite song to drive too…one of my best friends got married in chicago, i drove to the wedding and played this song at least ten times during the drive...when I make my list of favorite 40 songs, this is easily making the top 20.
3. scottie pippen – curren$y (ft. freddie gibbs): favorite rap song of 2011.
4. cloudbusting – kate bush: i love walking in the office on monday with this playing in the headphones…this hounds of love album is gangsta as shit. even omar would co-sign this shit…
5. jump around – house of pain: i’ve underestimated this song over the years…unfortunately, my first memory of this song is robin williams in mrs. doubtfire….very unhiphop of me. with that being said © kevin hart, this is great workout music.
6. hard days night – dilla: literally, the first thing i hear in the morning is this song. my weird attempt at humor.
7. come and talk to me – jodeci: probably my favorite r&b song in the last 20 years…if not the favorite, pretty damn close.
8. rye whiskey – punch brothers: no list is complete without jon brion (one of my 3 favorite producers. dangermouse and dilla being the other 2)….antifogmatic is a damn good album.
9. the warrior – scandal: in 1990, nba entertainment released a VHS called nba superstars. magic, bird, mj, ‘nique, barkley, doc, kareem, akeem (no h), and isiah were the featured players on the video. each player had a song accompanying their highlights….barkley had scandal. it came on regular tv one day and my dad recorded a bootleg copy. it got lost over the years, but please believe when i made my first of many trips to the nba store in ny in 2008, i bought a copy on DVD. i am a man of the classics….anyway, the song is dope. they were a one-hit wonder though. lightening in a bottle.
10. gangbang – wiz khalifa (ft. big sean): i got money, hoes…money and hoes….great song. i love driving to it…pause on the title
11. machine gun – portishead: the thugged out dude wearing the cameron newton jersey tried handing me a cd and asked what I was listening to…this song was on….he gave me the “you one of them corporate negros” look. i like portishead, and i do look like a corporate negro. he was right.
12. waiting room – fugazi: this has been my theme music for the month
13. sweet love – anita baker: my mom cooked dinner for me on tuesday. she’s a big anita baker fan. shoutout to moms yo. word up son.
14. i want somebody – heavy d and the boyz: legend. the pied piper has always reminded me of a darker heavy d.
15. bulls on parade – rage against the machine: i was late to the party on rage. i’m playing catch up. anti-young money music.
16. friday night street fever – money making jam boyz: 2nd favorite rap song of 2011. specialized ringtone for two people on my phone.
17. lonely boy – the black keys: what you smokin yo? yo punkass thought i would make a list without my favorite producer in the history of bob george, dangermouse?!?!? u buggin yo….new cd’s dropping in december from the black keys and the roots, so i’m waiting patiently for both… love the video for this. i usually deprive myself of singles on albums i plan on buying, but someone played it for me, and i was instantly hooked. instantly, muhfugga.

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