Sunday, March 14, 2010


today's topic: formspring

i set up a formspring account, and promoted it on different websites i post on. i didn't want to do it on facebook because i didn't want people i know to send me anonymous stuff...that's sorta like the honesty box, i had fun doing it for the last month. here is the q&a.....enjoy.

q.) what is your weirdest sexual crush you've had?
a.) very good question....for the longest time, i would've loved to fuck kim whitley....why? i have no idea. (see above)

q.) where do babies come from?
a.) alcohol and broken condoms

q.) best gift you've ever received from a girlfriend?
a.) barkley 180 nike's....i was happy.

q.) why are you a knicks fan, they suck this yr?
a.) this is why i have a problem with nba fans post 2000. everyone either hops on the lakers bandwagon saying they've been there from the start (meaning, they were there when they first won in 2000), or they are fans of particular players (lbj, melo, wade, etc.)...real fans know the deal, i know the heartache of mj, miller time, the rockets, the spurs. will be so so so muthaFUCKIN sweet when we're back on top....i miss the NBA when players would fight, not allow easy buckets, and really hated each other. everyone is too nice now, even the fans...shit sucks. i need the knicks to have that edge when they had starks, ewing, a. mason, and my nigga, charles oakley.

q.) fav. sexual position
a.) sex

q.) fav player growing up, and now?
a.) tie between charles barkley and john starks (i had a love/hate relationship with starks...i should write about it). now, kobe...he's an assassin

q.) what is the biggest misconception about you?
a.) that i don't care about people....i just choose not to join in public "pity parties" or "woe is me" moments....i'd prefer to help those truly in need, instead of people who are uncomfortable having to live with the decisions they've made

q.) fav. non-prince produced album by prince
a.) very good question. the family is my final answer.

q.) what would you rather have: good sex and a bad relationship...or bad sex and a great relationship?
a.) have we met?

q.) guiness or newcastle
a.) rabbit porter beer

q.) if you were a superhero, what would be your theme song
a.) wolf like me by tv on the radio

q.) boats or hoes?
a.) money buys both

q.) scenario: a woman gives you the option of: 1) married, sex everyday for the rest of your life/cooking for you whenever you want or 2.) engaged: a real relationship with ups & downs, and potential....which do you prefer
a.) showcase # 1 bob © price is right contestant

q.) fav. porn dvd
a.) who pays for porno? you really just wanna waste $$ answer your question, i had a copy of jazmine cashmere's sugarwalls black tales part. gf then, and i, had some great times to those 3 scenes

q.) what is your weirdest sex proposal story from someone?
a.) in my previous life, i was a porn connoisseur. i was at a bachelor party one night....drinking beer, saving my $$$, and hangin out with my buddy who is soon to be married. when suddenly....*cues the simpson intro* in walks ava devine and some other bustdowns...ava devine is a ho. she is a porn G. some of her scenes i can't watch, it's just too much for my eyes...long story short, ava and her bitches were offering up head for $100 (her phrase to me was "i'll suck the life outta your ebony dick, the best you'll ever have), and you could fuck for $200. anal was $250. threesome (2 girls/1 guy) $400 (2 guys/1 girl) $350....i declined all of the above....i wonder how much he paid to get her there, he's got some change....oh well, that is all lol.

q.) when was the last time you did the *bown chicka bow woooooown*
a.) lol, about two hours ago.

q.) would you be able to survive prison
a.) no....i'm too cynical.

q.) oprah or ellen
a.) arsenio

q.) do you scratch your ass in public?
a.) ass scratching means you didn't wipe your ass good....consult your physician if this problem persist

q.) harold miner or isaiah rider?
a.) rider had the talent, but he was a fuck-up....rider

q.) who would you rather have suck your dick.....prince or morris day
a.) please apartheid that foolishness stage --->

q.) dilla or premo
a.) lol.....cold steel, dedication 2 the suckas, somethin that means somethin, anti american graffiti.

q.) if mcdonalds made a sandwich after you, what would it be called and what would be on the sandwich?
a.) bread, obviously....roasted chicken, crab, collards, tomato, an egg, mustard, and toast it.....mmmm, food. © homer simpson

q.) why don't you have a twitter?
a.) no need, i have a phone...i'm not famous, and i don't really care to receive updates from people saying: "stuck in traffic", "i can't believe everyone is watching the oscars", and "this food sucks"...this is why i wouldnt make it in prison

q.) give me your thoughts on facebook?
a.) its a necessary evil in my life. i drink the kool-aid when thirsty

q.) have you ever had to question your sexuality?
a.) i lu da pussy (c) alpa chino

q.) first celebrity you've met
a.) lol.....he was a celebrity to me. at the time i was 2, and i still have this picture....but gospel bill aka. willie george was the first "famous" person i'd ever met…(see the video of the day)

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