Sunday, March 7, 2010

random rap observations

today's topic: random rap observations

i. i think puff doesn't get enough credit from people in the hip-hop community. granted, his label was never the same after biggie died, and his artist choices have been drastically subpar (i'm lookin' at you da band, dream, and black rob).....however, i think when you look at what he did from 1992-1999, he should get some props. people clowned him for taking radio friendly 70's songs (diana ross, mtume, etc.) and using them on his hooks, but if you listen to those records, them shits knock. AND, they still knock in the clubs to this day (all about the benjamins, can't nobody hold me down). i mean... jodeci, mary j., biggie, mase, the harlem shake (oops...nevermind), the lox, and sean john.....he's put in some work. he's the best marketer the game has ever seen. i know, i the "purists" who read this blog, you may think record sales don't matter, will negruh....they do matter. these artists aren't working for free. and puff is a paper shark. if puff wasn't puff, hip-hop would invent someone like him. that's how much he matters.

ii. i noticed that the first generation of 90's producers (primo, tip, pete, lp), they never sampled vocals. they would take the records they wanted to sample, and find only the instrumental portion of the record. which may not seem like a big deal, but after the rza came along with verbal intercourse, the game changed in my opinion. today's producers make a living sampling the vocal portion (just, ye, 9th). just listen to the blueprint, the listening, or college dropout, and then listen to the low end theory, ready to die, or mecca and the soul brother. it's a drastic difference in sample choices, and the way producers sample.

iii. if you don't like j.dilla, i don't like you as a person. i don't understand how people can place him any lower than top 2 as a hip-hop producer. (preme is the only exception)

iv. i bought my ticket for the roots festival 2010. i haven't been this anxious about anything since moving into my crib. it is rumored that run-dmc is going to reunite and perform.....if this happens......with the, i'll be happy. the festival last yr. was one of the greatest things i'd ever seen in my life. aside from the roots and run dmc, i guess i would be most excited about seeing the MMJB & vampire weekend....either way, it should be dope.

v. i have finally created my list for my favorite 10 rap albums. i'm not saying they are the greatest, but they are my favorite, and accurately describe my personality.

slum village - fantastic vol. 1&2 (i look at those two, as one big-ass album)
roots - game theory
pharcyde - a bizarre ride ii the pharcyde
souls of mischief - 93 'til infinity
little brother - the listening
mos def - black on both sides
de la soul - de la soul is dead
beastie boys - paul's boutique
q-tip - the renaissance
dilla - donuts

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