Sunday, September 20, 2009

dymes of '09

today's topic: dymes of '09

as of sept. 2009, these are my top females. these women inspire me to get my chip$ up, only so i can holla. this list is based purely on looks. i look at my list as a basketball team, 5 starters....i don't know these women, i'm not judging them on their careers or how nice they are to children. just the face, ass, and titties. i don't care how much they have donated to the homeless homos of america....just the face, ass, and titties. not included in my list are the HOF's (half of famers...for all you smart dumb cats)

**for further visual evidence, click the pictures**

5. mila kunis (shopping chick): how did macaulay culkin get her? she's someone i'd fuck and kick it with doing regular shit. grocery shopping. go to the bar, have a drink. watch me hoop in the winter league...normal shit. she would be the homie lover friend © r. kelly. (she's pictured above)

4. mya (weekend chick): this is the woman you want your co-workers to see you with on the weekend so they can say, "damn, THIS is your life"... mya’s ass is underrated. small frame. nice shape…..she’s good to go. for me, she’d be my morning chick. wake up. fuck. she'd cook. and leave...wash, rinse, repeat for the weekend, and you get the idea.

3. amber rose (fuck buddy #2): kanye west is living proof that if u have money, you can fuck bitches. there is no way his jaw broken ass should get a bitch this fine. most people are hit or miss on her...with me, she's a hit...shit, i'd hit. many times...and won't get tired of it either...that's a lie. but, she has this "sloppy fine" look about her that is sexy. only 2% of women can pull off wearing a shaved head (ask solange). although i do not condone trickin off on fuck buddies, if i were to do something with her, i'd go to fashion shows or hit up vegas. fly shit.

2. ki-toy johnson (fuck buddy #1): and on the 8th day, god made ass. and gave it to ki-toy...on some real shit, she has the dopest body ever. EVER, NIGGA. she has the ass that would make you pay child support. she has the body of a goddess deer.... the first time i saw her was on outkast’s “i like the way you move” video. when the “boom-boom-boom” drops, it’s over nigga. i was sold. it spoiled me with rap videos. all the other video bitches looked like barbara bush in comparison. i mean, i’d still fuck the other minions, but they weren’t on ki-toy’s level...with her, i'm going around black people. just to stunt and get props. i'd get my fuck game on proper with ki-toy.

1. jurnee smollett (wifey #1): redbones. gotta love 'em. jurnee smollett is super underrated. half of you probably don’t know who she is….listen, she’s the bar. she has perfect teeth, gorgeous smile. breasticles are on point. she got the head-rest ass....i would hold her hand in public. nice melon lips. if she got pregnant with my child, i'd be okay with keeping it...honestly, when people ask me "bob, i see you with different women...what's your type?" jurnee smollett is my type. from head to toe. she’s number one © e. murph….i'm gonna make that happen....and she knows obama, nigga what?!?! i'm in.

in my hall of fame for fine females there are five members:

1. pam grier (foxy brown….1972 bowlegged)
2. halle berry (the flintstones movie did it for me...catwoman was the cherry on top)
3. janet jackson (rolling stone cover)
4. beyonce (2 videos u need to see ASAP: work it out & crazy in love)
<----5. erykah badu (......i have a thing for her)

shoutout to frank gore...he saved my fantasy team.


ELA Exclusive said...

As a female, I appreciate your choices ... although for different reasons, except in the case of Janet because I think she epitomizes sexy ... which is why J.D is just so disappointing. Anyway, I think all of these women have a very unique sexiness that is rooted in their confidence. I especially love Janet, E. Badu, and Journee. All women I would be honored to be compared to - smart, sexy, and down to earth.

Wistopher said...

this is my favorite post EVER