Saturday, September 5, 2009

What Happens at Dollar Beer Night?

Sooo if you dont already know each of us at 5ivebruhs know each other from college, and most of us are recent graduates. Every once and awhile the rare occasion comes where we get the opportunity to chill at the bar and laugh and talk over beers. This is what this post is all about. Somehow what seems to be the most boring of nights out becomes more hilarious than we could have planned it. The video below is a true documentation of one of THOSE nights.

If I may, let me set this clip up for you. I, Jonny Casanova, am the narrarator/cinematographer. Im siting at the table with Bob George and The P!ed P!per and were enjoying our "dollar beers". when this random white girl (her name is Brittany) comes over and asks to sit with us. She seems to be pretty cool so we let her have a seat. Its early in the night so the beers haven't quite taken that magical affect that turns regular people into fools yet soo we didnt really notice anything strange about this girl. I make about 3 pretty boring videos of us laughing talking about non sense and then the alcohol clearly started taking a hold of her. This is the type of shit that happens to us and I dont know why to this day...but I would like to thank Brittany for making this a funny ass night.

So here it is.

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