Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am a racist.
But I am not a racist in the typical sense. I believe that nowadays, while racism in its true form still exists, there is a new form of racism. Most people seem to believe that if I notice the color of someone and act according to the color of the person or make a comment about them and their ethnic background than I’m a racist. Then by all means that is me. Some say im racially insensitive, that works too.I have no problem with acknowledging someone’s race and making a comment about it.

I don’t hate ppl cuz of their race, or think of myself as superior, but i do let race affect the way i initially approach them. I have certain preconceived notions that i do not necessarily go by, but they would need to be proven wrong from an initial conversation or interaction based on race. I call this the new age racist.

Some “smart people” say I can’t be racist because I’m not in the majority. I say that’s bullshit. Complete and udder bullshit. I can hate white people, Asians, Hispanics etc. Therefore I can be a racist. And truth be told, people of color far outnumber the people originating from the caucus mountain region (Caucasians). I’m a new age racist.

A lot of men like to say the first thing they notice on a woman is her ass or her titties or her face. The first thing I notice is what color is she. You may think, “what the hell P!per! Racism continues to exist only because of people like you letting color affect your actions!” FALSE. Racism exists because of people back in the day hating other people because of their race and believing that said race makes them inferior. I am a new age racist because I look for different qualities in a white girl versus black girl versus an Hispanic girl. You could say, why can’t a woman just be a woman? And I say if I want a Ferrari I’m not gonna look for the same qualities of a Ferrari in a Toyota Prius or a smart car (not saying one race is greater than another cuz THAT is racism). They just have different qualities that add value. Like I love black women’s lips. I don’t think there is a comparison, just my preference.

Here’s another scenario where you may think I’m racist, but I’m just new age. Say two gentlemen are standing about 20ft from you and me. And you say, “Hey P!per, I want you to meet my friend over there,” while pointing in the direction of the aforementioned men. I then look at the men and ask you, “Which one?” Now here is where the “racist” in me kicks in.

You say, “Oh he’s the one in the blue shirt”

I say, “They’re both in blue shirts”

“Oh well, he’s the tallerish one”

“Well to me, from here, they look to be the same height”

“Well his shirt has beige buttons if you look closely” (you’re clearly trying to think of different ways to describe him)

“I can’t see that well”

“Well we’ll just go meet them”

Then I say, a little pissed off, “Is your friend the BLACK guy OR the WHITE guy!?”

“He’s the ummm…… black….one…”

This situation kinda bothers me. Why is it wrong to describe someone by their color or ethnic background? It is what it is. Don’t dance around it. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “I want you to meet my friend, he’s the black guy in the blue shirt.” When I tell a person of a different race that it’s ok to do this they either looked really relieved or surprised. They act like I’m trying to trap them so that I can release my inner crazy-nigga on them and trounce them. I’m a mature black man that is not overly sensitive and realizes that we should all be beyond degrading people by their race.

Hell me and my boys often say that we want a fine ass woman who’s race is unintelligible. This means that by looking at her you don’t know WHAT THE HELL she got in her. I wanna know what makes her so beautiful, and I’m not afraid to ask, “So what is your ethnic background?” If you can’t answer I guess we can’t be together (unless she reallllllly is FINE AS HELL, then we can work some things out.) So can I be racist if I want a woman with a smorgasbord of races that exhibits the true beauty and essence of each? Some would say yes I am b/c their race matters. I think in a lot of instances a person’s race makes them who they are (this and socioeconomic status, another topic) because I believe the race of a person is the adversity they overcome and the way they triumph or fail. That’s what defines a person. And sad to say, those racists out there make these challenges exist.

Circle of life shit.

Is it wrong for me to question someone’s race? I don’t think so. You could learn a lot. And some people say if you don’t respect the norms of their culture due to your ignorance than you’re just that, ignorant. So which is it? I am a new age racist, because I think race matters. I can’t be one of those people to act as if they don’t see race. I see it and I embrace it. It’s there, it’s a descriptor, it’s genetic, it’s created by God, and it’s something to respect.

I know there is only the “human race” but in a “race” there are several segments and legs. I don’t see this “human race” as a sprint, but as a relay marathon. I think we all should.
L'Chaim.... P!ed P!per


Anonymous said...

by the true definition of the word, you can't be racist...only prejudiced because racist implies that you are a part of the majority.

Anonymous said...

I think colored people can be racist. Saying that only white people or members of the majority can be racist perpetuates the idea that they are the race that all things should be based on...which is ridiculous. Black people deserve every right a white person has. Even the right to be a racist if they want to regardless of so called "minority" status.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this piece and now I fully understand the point you were making. While I am not a full fledged new age racist, I do see color upon first encountering someone. I don't think you are racist you are just racially aware and I don't see anything wrong with that. We all look at color and make snap judgments about each other daily. Sometimes they are based on color sometimes not. Anyway, it was a good piece.

ELA Exclusive said...

Racism is creating a false sense of superiority solely based on one's race. I go back and forth on if I believe people of color can be racist towards white people ... but they can certainly be racist towards other races. But then again, I guess one can always counter power using race. Example, Jews are superior regarding money matters, blacks are superior regarding cooking, hispanics are superior regarding dancing or whatever ... DAMN, there I go again!

I believe the P!per is recognizing his preferences and automatic biases regarding race, a.k.a, heuristics ... not really racism. Heuristics are mental shortcuts we take, second nature judgements if you will. Heuristics are based upon a mix between our preferences and behavior learned due to past expereinces.

The difference for me is that racism has a negative connotation where one's race is being used against them to create a systemic, racially motivated caste system.