Monday, September 28, 2009


Today, I'd like to talk about something I have talked about all my life. That's football. I want to take today to talk about my top 5 quarterbacks.


Tom Brady- New England Patriots

Arguably the BEST closer in the NFL. Tom Brady is the number one quarterback for any system. It is almost ineffable how cool he is under pressure. And finally Brady's skill level is not commensurate with the notoriety he got coming out of U Mich. Brady was a 6th round pick to the Pats and when asked to step up he wrote his story. The reasons I would take tom Brady are as follows. As previously mentioned Brady is the number one closer in the league. 2 minutes to go in the forth quarter and my team is down, I want him at the helm. Brady also can fit into 9 out of 10 systems in the NFL. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks when it comes t going through progressions and finding the receiver who is going to put his team in the best position, whether that is yardage, close to the sidelines to make a quick escape, or in the endzone. There may be skeptics out there since his season has started off rocky, but 1. it is the beginning of the season still, the league hasn't hit that midseason stride, 2. he is coming off a season ending injury last season. 3. Brady has Bill Belicheck scheming, one of the best minds in the NFL. Other good looks include the defensive prowess of the Patriots. This all being said, if I was starting a franchise and had the means, I would build my team around Tom Brady.


Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints

If it wasn't for Brady's ability to close, Brees would be the best QB in the NFL. First and foremost Brees is the captain and the emotional leader of the Saints team. If you watch Saints pregame footage, Brees will motivate you to go out and fuck some one up.

But besides this point, Brees is a point scorer. With his excellent group of receivers Brees is fully capable of putting up 35-40 points a game. He also has an uncanny knack of finding receivers and the arm to get the ball there. In the right systems, Brees is very dangerous. The one thing I will say to his detriment is that if he doesn't have the right wide outs with him, it drops his stock. He does not have all the ability all the time to make things go the Saints way. In the right situations I may take Brees over Brady, only if I had the right defense.


Peyton Manning- Indianapolis Colts

Hands down, best sight adjuster in the NFL. We all know how Manning will come to the line with 3 plays. But do you really realize the work that goes into that. This brings me to the point that Manning is the BEST leader in the NFL. Not only does he have to be able to understand the complex defenses in the AFC and adjust the plays to that, but he has to get his WHOLE offense on the same page. This means, he has to know AND UNDERSTAND, his linemen's blocking schemes, he has to know where his backs are going to be, and more than ANY other quarterback, he has to know where his receivers will be, along with intensive study of the defense. And this is all prior to setting foot on the turf. On the field, Manning has a great sense of what's going on around him. Looking at something from a birds eye view is a lot easier than looking at it from under center or in shotgun. He makes his receivers rise to the occasion. We've all seen this with Pierre Garcon this season. Manning is another one f the quarterbacks who can be successful in multiple systems across the NFL. His drawback comes in his mobility. Manning is a pocket passer with a great mind, but when you ask him to make plays with his legs, he may go "WHAAA?" He often reminds me of my HS quarterback, who we called no hips, because he could not stop, turn or move easily. In the NFL today, especially with the position of Defensive End getting better and better, with people like Julius Peppers and Justin Tuck, it's almost a necessity to be a mobile QB. Manning is not that. If his receivers can not get off of good coverage, Manning is all but immobilized, you'd better pray that he has a good check down... which he does, but if that option is not there, then the Colts better go back to the drawing board really quickly.


Eli Manning- NY Giants

It is no surprise that Peytons little brother is following in his footsteps. And for the record as an Eagles and Jets fan it is hard for me to admit this but Eli is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. While he doesn't have the understanding of the game his brother does, he has the athletic ability that Peyton doesn't. Eli can make things happen in the pocket and while he isn't the best runner, he can make things happen. I think his biggest asset is his ability to get the defense moving and flowing. While there are reads that all defenders make it is instinct for defensive players to move and flow with the ball carrier. Eli has a mastery of making them move and then hitting a crossing route that the receiver has been running on the weak side. Probably the reason Kevin Boss is successful when he runs those drag routes. Manning #2 also does a great job putting the ball in spots. We all remember the superbowl, game changing catch from manning to David Tyree. Look at the pass to Mario Manningham a few weeks ago, and he is in the top 2 quarterbacks who can successfully put the ball in the back corner of the endzone. But that same ability has also hurt Eli. Manning #2 is not the best at looking opposing DB's off. He has at least 2 games a season in which he plays a Delhommeish (thats for you Johnny C), interception riddled contest. This makes him streaky and down the line I can see Eli running into problems in his career. As he loses some of his key players, he will lose some of his notoriety.


Mark Sanchez- NY Jets

Now may of you may ask why I have chosen a rookie QB to be my 5th but I have good reason. I have been calling it since his USC days. When it's all said and done, baring any serious injuries, Sanchez will be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for his era. The thing I like most about this kid is that he understands the steps it takes to experience success in general. He is not biting off more than he can chew. While he doesn't have the impressive career and the stats in the NFL he has one intangible that all great QB's have. Heart. He has a ton of heart and it is infectious. His team mates see it, his coaching staff sees it, and maybe most importantly, the fans understand and see it. Undoubtedly, Sanchez will experience growing pains, but he bounces back quickly. Rex Ryan made a smart choice in getting this kid in early, and normally I do not agree with starting rookies, but this is the way to go. Look to see many sombreros at Jets games in the future!

Honorable mention

1. Donovan McNabb- Tough QB and always leads his team. However has not reached the ultimate goal of the superbowl and is injured FAR too often.

2. Kurt Warner- One of the greatest QB's of all time. (Top 50) Amazing story too, he really knows how to grind. But he is at the end of his career. He is borderline Brett Favrein and he doesn't have Favre talent.

3. Ben Rothlisberger- Steelers Captian and leader. Will continue to experience success. But I just don't like him.

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