Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Some Music

One of my friends who I met in London put me on to some music a couple days ago. Told me to check this video out so im passing it on. When I was there he was in a band called "Kublah Khan", met him along with the band after on of their shows at this club and been putting each other onto music since...the band was dope though, heres a link to that band. Now hes in a band called "Abraham and the Brothers Wild" and if you find something recorded from them let me know, I havent been able to find any yet. Anyway heres the video he sent me. Made me laugh. The Japanese are very strange.

And here is the always excellent Legendary Roots Crew performing the new single from their new ablum entitled "How I Got Over". Came across this yesterday and couldnt stop watching it...Enjoy. Oh and by the way check the white boy on bass...Owen's getting it!!

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