Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Its From The EARTH

This is an article that I have been struggling about writing for awhile but you know...I figure what the hell. My article is about weed. YES WEED. Now if that is too much of a taboo topic for you or you feel some kinda way about people that smoke weed. Read it anyway.

The policies about weed are utterly ridiculous and they should make that shit legal. I have no problem admitting that I smoked weed in the recent past and to be real, if I didnt have this job right now and had no fear of losing it/ getting another, I would continue. Now I'm not a hopeless stoner but geez if they were able to regulate weed like they do alcohol than I would be happier. Before I go on let me share a story with you.

I remember the first time that I smoked weed. I was in my college dorm room my freshmen year with my suite mates. (I was the only black dude and frankly didnt trust those guys to begin with, they later become some of my best friends). One of the guys had a bong and I told him I would try it... I was scared as hell. Why? Because society scared the shit outta me about weed. They made it look like something that only bad people did, or dumb people did, or people that lack vision or future success. I believed everything I saw on those commercials and because of that, I judged a lot of people. Anyway,this time I said that I was going to try it and see what the big deal was about. So...I went into my suite mates room and he had this long glass instrument that I had never seen before. first of all, I was thinking. Damn am I that sheltered. They got special instruments for this shit that people sell? I was tripping. Then after he prepared the bong for me and taught me how to use it, I was on my way to an experience that would change my life forever. That night was glorious...I laughed my ass off like never before, ate 2 big bags of Doritos and I slept like a baby and woke refreshed for my Music Theory pop quiz that I aced. It was a great experience, No one got hurt, we all stayed securely indoors. What about that experience would make me want to stop doing it?

Whats the big deal anyway? What is weed hurting? If you drink, then you should NEVER judge someone that smokes weed and this is why... there is a double standard. People will get drunk for the first time and throw up and not remember anything and then go and do it again later on, only because its legal. They dont even like to drink but its there at the convenient store and grocery stores and because its legal they learn to like it. Im not saying everyone should try weed... im not saying everyone should do it, im not saying that I'LL even do it again **cough** but damn theres nothing wrong with it, its from the earth and people should have the freedom to do it without legal ramifications.

Here are 10 GOOD reasons why they should make weed legal (no particular order)... Some of these you may remember from Pineapple Express but they were some good ass reasons!

1. It makes food taste better.

2. It makes scary movies scarier and funny movies funnier.

3. It makes music sound AMAZING.

4. (I hear but have never experienced) It makes sex feel better.

5. It makes conversations "seemingly" more important and

6. There isnt an organization called Mothers Against High Driving

7. There is medical marijuana but not medical vodka or tequila

8. Your past and current presidents and civic leaders and political advisors most likely did/do it and now they are calling the shots for you... Shit some of them do/did hard drugs and still get re elected/stay on the air. Marion Barry, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh. If we can keep these people on a serious payroll after that, whats wrong with legalizing weed?

9. Prohibition doesn't solve anything, we already tried that once before remember?

10. The regulation of a legalized marijuana market would not only create jobs, it would take money away from the trafficking of the substance and reduce violence associate with it.

11. "The weed be letting you know [when] evil lurks" ~Smokey


Bob George said...

weed is legal holmes...if u have your medical card, you can carry up to 8 oz. at all times in any state. only thing, you can't get on a plane with the weed and you can't drive while high (obviously)

definitely co-signing 1,3, and 4.

godammn bitch set me up!!!

Jonny Casanova said...

Yeah but not available for public distributon...i want it at the harris teeter or the damn circle k.

Anonymous said...

Jonny, aka CHard,

U speak a lot of truth, but u know u a fool for this one

-Bernie mac