Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Let me put you on" Part 1: Banksy

Well today I decided to do something a little different than my normal anecdotes about women or relationships. Awhile ago I started a blog that highlighted art music and fashion where I would post my many artistic discoveries in order to put lesser known artists and musicians out there to some of my friends. This week I decided to take from that idea and bring it to 5ive bruhs.

So here it is. This is the Part 1 of a 3 part series that I'm starting entitled "Let me put you on". Its basically an opportunity for me to expose some of the readers to some art music film etc that you might not a known about. You might be thinking how IM qualified to put YOU on...Just trust me on this one and if I don't stump you, you can BLAST me on the comments.

Without further adieu I will introduce you to one of my favorite artists of all time. This guy is none other than British graffiti/sculpture artist Banksy from the Bristol District of England. He uses stencil to create the amazing illusion of reality not to mention the ability to get his work done very quickly without getting arrested. But Banksy is more than an artist for the sake of art. He is a visual activist and he remains virtually anonymous among the community that he tags. Coolest thing about Banky is that he is the epitome of a true artist. He asks for no compensation for his art. It is merely for his enjoyment and for the enjoyment of the people that see it. He doesn't endorse the sale of any of the pictures of his art.

Most of his pieces are full of political satire or just satire in general. I would categorize him as one of the geniuses of out generation and I had the pleasure of seeing an original Banksy piece on my trip to London this past January. Unfortunately a lot of people in the states have never heard of him so let me put you on to Banksy.

My favorite quote from Banksy:

"Think from outside the box, collapse the box and take a fucking knife to it."

Here are some of my favorite pieces from him.

If you'd like to know more about Banksy, he has a couple of books published full of his pieces and some quotes from him. Along with stories about his philosophy about art and poilitics....Very interesting stuff. You can pick up one of his books in Urban Outfitters called "Wall and Piece". He also has a website but you run the risk of him trying to be funny and not having anything on it....just the type of shit he would do...


Kelsey said...

I also got to see some of his work when i was in london this summer... he has galleries all over that sell his work but it so cool that no one knows who he actually is. My favorite one of his is the "One Nation Under CCTV" or the pledging allegiance to a Tesco bag. His commentary is just incredible! i def of the best artists of our time!

ELA Exclusive said...

I dig it!