Friday, September 18, 2009

A Public Service Announcement: To the members of the NFL

Its football season, (YEAH, and yes this big ass NFL logo is on purpose), and I felt that it was my duty to regale the new members of the NFL with some time honored advice to help them keep those multi-million dollar salaries.

Ten rules every football player going into the NFL should know

10) Stay away from your cousins. Cops can't tell the difference between black folks and if your dumbass cousins get in trouble, you will to.

9) If she looks like a hoe, smells likes a hoe, acts like a hoe, then she is and she will try to take your money.

8) No bar fights, breaking your hand is not an excuse to get out of preseason.

7) No domestic fights, breaking your hand in your woman’s face is not to an excuse to get out of preseason.

6) No fights period.

5) Don’t buy guns

4) Don’t shoot yourself with the gun.

3) Don’t shoot other people. Just because the glove didn’t fit for one nigga, doesn’t mean it won’t fit for you.

2) Stay away from dogs. And if you must own one, please dogs are for petting, not electrocuting.

1) Know that your now famous, but still a nigga. And the cops will find your ass. The only difference, its now that much easier, and their looking for an excuse because your famous. SO DONT GIVE THEM ONE. (that goes to you to kanye)

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