Friday, September 4, 2009

Why I like Curves

I am 22 years old, and standing on the symbolic cliff of real life when society says, “Okay you got a degree, now what”? “Now what”, is the question, and has been the question that has been haunting me all summer. “Now what”? I spent 22 years in a rabid chase after that elusive degree. The piece of paper (though it is nice parchment paper, probably pretty expensive) that seems to give meaning to my entire life. Now I have it, and realize nothing has happen. No great beam of enlightenment has suddenly shot into my mind, all my insecurities are still ripe and festering, and I my bank account have dwindled into a speck of what it once was.

It seems the only thing that still makes sense is women, and my love for them. Though my own future rest on the waves of destiny and luck, women still remain just as elusive and perplexing as the first time I began to notice them in the 5th grade. They are a constant in a shifting world, a mesmerizing factor in everything I do.

Women give men purpose. It’s true. Nothing a man does is self generated. It is all designed for women, for women to see and love and dote upon. We want women to be impressed, which is fascinating because they are so rarely are impressed. And I am saying truly impressed by what you do with your life and your passion. No matter what a women always has a friend who plays a instrument better then you, dances better then you, runs better than you, is smarter than you, fucks better than you, dreams bigger than you, has a bigger dick than you, more money than you, or is just plain cooler than you.

So men are in a life long search to find women who are impressed with what they do, who will stroke that ego just a bit, and make us feel like we have something to give to the world. Make us feel special and unique from the rest of the niggas who are just like us.

That is why I like curves. Because only a women can rock them well, and it is those curves that drives me toward bigger and better things.

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