Friday, September 25, 2009

Since The Cuban is on Business

I'm going to give some short food for thought today:

As many of you probably know, I live in NYC. This week, we've all been experiencing residual traffic, police issues etc. from the UN summit that has been happening. Today, I would like to take one point in particular from that summit and unpack it a little bit.

Yesterday, Barack Obama and Nicholas Sarkozy slammed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the continuation of Iran's nuclear development program. Sarkozy put pressure on the Terhan to be on the road to disarmament by December or they face the consequence of new sanctions. This has been the way of the world for the past 10-20 years. With the exception of "bombings" that took place in the evenings, especially during the 90's. Any way this to me, is like the father who can't punish their children threatening a spanking.

First, I need to define a term.
Nuclear Deterrence: ND is when countries with nuclear capabilities have a respect for each other due to MAD, or mutual assured destruction, which is the understanding that if they went to war, every one would be annihilated. This deters countries (Especially in this day and age) from using nuclear threats, bullying, or using the weapons to make war.

This brings me to a statement that a lot of you may not agree with, but if you think about it, there is some truth.

Using laws of theory of nuclear deterrence I think other countries should be allowed to develop weapons, for peace purposes.

Now thinking about this statement initially, you'll probably say I'm a dumb ass etc. but think about this for a second. If we allow careful development of WMD's with international scientists from the UN Security council. And continued regulation after the development of a weapons that in many of the uncertain instances satisfied both parties. Honestly and truthfully, we as citizens of the world have to worry more about depletion of the ozone than we do of a nuclear attack from another nation-state. Even in the middle east, leaders there are too smart to risk the repercussions of a nuclear attack on another country in that region.

The only plausible threat to the continuation of this is terrorism which can be combated if we work together. The idea is not to allow people the ability to have wanton disregard for their nuclear arms, but to use them to increase and keep peace. This is why continuos UN security council regulation would be necessary. Through this, you would generate the ability for the major world powers to regulate the non powers development. Preventing issue such as arms races, nuclear bullying and use.

WMD's are the pinnacle of man's ability to make war. Theoretically, it would make more sense to work together than it would to try and prevent one another. Of course in reality there would be growing pains, nothing too serious. I could write 50 pages on this, but its just some food for thought.

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