Monday, September 21, 2009

What is the Facebook hoe? What are their practical uses?

Is it just me or are there more and more girls on Facebook showin their ass, by that I mean these wanna be models who are seeking attention like college freshman. I'm talkin about you! The chick that goes to the club photographer hawkin trying to take as many pictures as possible and then taggin yourself. Throwin up deuces or the card they give you tryin to look cute in your tight gold spandex pants, lips that are shinier than bike reflectors and bandana you call a shirt. You're probably the same chick that capitalizes every other letter in a sentence, LiKe ThIs oR Th@T, you know the one who still messes the the once was cool dude from High School, who now works part time at the post office or the chick that I tell I'm gonna take to Little Italy for dinner and thats the extent of game I have to run. Or for the white people out there, the girl who takes FAR too many pictures displaying ass, breasts and any assortment of weird faces at pre-games or frat parties Any way back to the discussion at hand... These girls....Facebook Hoes as we'll label them.... have some practical uses to society.

  1. Calling all club promoters!!!! NEED HALF NAKED GIRLS FOR YOUR FLIERS? Look no further. We have all you need. All you have to do is stalk a girls profile, copy and save the photo and photoshop.

  2. Alone on a friday night... need some company. 1-800-dia-lpic. Facebook stalk all those girls that you wish you could muster the guts to talk to. Grab your lotion and become a real stalker!

  3. We have to applaud these girls for influencing the next generation of tricks. How many middle schoolers are on Facebook again? Not that its your problem, buuutt yeah....

I'd also like to make a comment on your statuses. Recently, I saw a status that read “Niggas listen closely, im a real bitch, there for I only fuck with real men, ya'll immature as niggas that feel it neccessary to run off at the mouth cause a shorty dont wanna deal with you...ima pray for ya'll and hope that you find other ways to occupy your time like get a life, ever tried that? Real men have jobs, bills and better important shit to worry about than running they mouth and gossipinAnd Scene. You can stop ranting now. I chose to share this because this is often a staple of the facebook hoe. Some one who is consistently telling on themselves through their statuses or things that are made public to the world. Not only have you told us about your man problems but you've also told us what kind of woman you are. Seeing that you go and seek out the dudes that force you to write a status like this. Maybe knowingly maybe not, but as a dude I'm thinking one of a few things.

  1. If I'm a mature guy, I'm gonna say, tisk tisk. Your a dumb chick. And even dumber for putting yourself out there.

  2. If I'm an acquaintance with ulterior motives, I'm going to use it in my game, make you think I'm different say all the right things etc. Then mess with you and when I'm done, cause you to write a similar status.

  3. If I'm a stalker I'm just gonna save it and quote it when I show up on your door step in desperation to get your attention, cause that sort of thing works on the movies.

  4. Or just laugh to myself about how easy you were as I beat it up.

Niggas, listen closely, im a real bitch...” one I'm not a nigga, two you already lost me due to your ignorant language.

But what would the world do with out you...the Facebook Hoe...After all, you keep some of my good friends who are photographers and digital artists in business as well as provide me after work amusement. I think if I could keep yall I would. Because you are the mascots of the world. You parade around the sidelines and no one cares but the kids with no friends or the other FBH's who want to take pics with beer in had for their next profile pic.

s0 HeRe$ 2 U...tHe F@cEBoOk H0E!!!

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