Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let me put you on Part 2: Music

Alright people. Here comes part deux of my 3 part series "Let ME put YOU on". This topic of interest is music. Out of those of you who know me by my real name, about 33 percent of you know how much of a music snob can be.

What is a "music snob" Jonny?

Music snobs are pretty much like spoiled brats or kids that got exposed to the good shit mad early so they have expensive taste. Its like when you went to grandmas house and she made that REAL baked mac and cheese and it changed your life then you came home and you dont want that Velveeta bullshit anymore...like that. Thats pretty much how a music snob operates. Music snobs are almost smug in the sense that if it aint underground or backpack or indie they dont wanna fuck with it whatsoever....Im not like that. Im just a musician that gets excited knowing thats theres some good shit out there that I havent heard yet. Im just bored with conventional music and the politics and societal implications that comes with where your musical tastes lie. I had to break out of convention and this is where "Part 2" comes in.

Alright so let me put you onto 2 bands that you may or may not have been aware of. They have both released a debut album this year they both have some unique styles, and they are both considered "super groups" or bands that are comprised of members of other groups.

First group is called The Phenomenal Handclap Band. The cool thing about this band is that they are a 10 person group which is something you never see. They actually tour 10 strong on stage which is a feat in itself. They were started by 2 djs that just wanted to make there own music and stop playing someone elses. They have an electro pop, dance, rock, funky, disco feel. Think Diet James Brown with white people....and trust me I know my funk and this is not it but its still good stuff to listen to while your cleaning your crib. And without me continuing to sound like a wikipedia page dedicated to them Ill just let you listen for yourself.

Alright heres the next band, The Dead Weather. This one is really more my personal style. Definitely not funk. The band was formed in early 2009 from a recording session that turned into a jam session that turned into the makings of a pretty good debut album called Horehound. Its dark but not too abrasive....Its got elements of hard rock, blues rock and reggae influences but dont look to hear steel drums by any means. This video is from one of the singles they released...Kinda reminds me of most of the arguments I have with girls...


The Cuban said...

One of these guys looks like the lead singer from the white stripes

Anonymous said...

It is...thats Jack White.