Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Craziness that was the VMAs

Let’s Make the World a Better Place…

So there’s been a trend in the world nowadays and it seems to be more prevalent than I’ve ever seen. And this trend is people flippin’ the fuck out. Now I know people have been flippin and doing stupid shit since the beginning of time, beginning w/ Adam and Eve when they ate of the tree of knowledge and then thought they were gonna hide from God. It’s in our nature, but lets look at the news within the last week alone.

We got people flippin’ out on Obama shouting “YOU LIE!” when he makes a statement about healthcare and immigrants. Serena Williams flippin’ out on the poor little Asian line judge when she said, “If I could, I would take this f—king ball and shove it down your f—king throat,” The poor line judge also said Serena threatened to kill her. What the hell? Don’t her and Venus be kickin’ it with Mary Mary, clearly that’s the GOD in her. Keeping w/ tennis we also got Roger Federer getting upset and cursing and flipping out about challenging some calls that happened mad early in the match. Then we got the damn VMAs. Where to begin, Kanye with squigglies and tetris pieces in the side of his head telling everyone else they messed up? Or Lil Mama jumping up on stage like it’s a free-for-all game of double dutch and effectively ruining what would have otherwise been another historical performance featuring either Jay-Z or Alicia Keys. (Alicia was fly as HELL) Oh and two words… GA GA. Bitch needs help. (For the record, I normally don't watch any award shows)

PS- Did anyone else see all the vagina on stage? Katy Perry and Lady Gaga?

This marks a time period in life where a lot of people in the media seem to be losing their minds and doing/saying whatever it is they wanna do/say for whatever reason they want.

***Sidebar*** I have a proposed solution to these issues, although it may not be plausible, is to rid the world of all the guns and knives and allow people to just whoop each other’s ass in hand-to-hand combat. It would have to be a justified ass whoopin but I believe it should happen. ***Sidebar***

I feel like certain levels of fame and popularity enables individuals to BELIEVE that the world is theirs and they can do w/e they want. This pertains to both celebrities and everyday people as well. Celebrities get the battery in their back from their fans, everyday people have their own visions of grandeur in which they can do what ever it is that pleases them cuz they believe it in their head.

You can’t get away with it.

The world is a place where, as sad as it is to say, there are limitations and statues on what is acceptable in public and what is not. We either need to create a world where creativity is king and Lady Gaga is normal (this scares me), enforce the rules for everyone across the board (cuz if my black ass tried to jump on stage I woulda got handled with the quickness), or find a happy medium. I’m down for the medium.

It seems to me that Kanye may need some mental help. If you watch closely you will notice the “Oh so confident king of Swagger” didn’t seem so sure of himself when he told Taylor Swift “Im’a let you finish…” See, that’s the point where you begin to realize that maybe these people have lost it and cannot control their fame any longer. This is a sign of crazy. I’ve dealt with some crazy people in my life and I can tell, hell I’m on the crazy side myself. Help my brethren Kanye and Federer and sister Serena.

I feel some of these famous people need love. Now I know you may think that I’m making a joke, but I’m being serious. Kanye has suffered one of the most devastating things that can happen to a human being, which is to lose your loving mother who has done any and everything for you. I mean all of these people are under extreme pressure from society to always perform and be at the top of their game. I know competition can fuel you to do crazy things as well and may be the cause of the tennis outbursts, but I know for me love keeps me calm in most situations. I’ve been at extremes in emotion when all I wanted to do was fight someone, at oh let’s say a party or something. But it’s the love of those around who stopped me and helped me to squelch the thirst of the beast within, also known as the crazy. So I say let’s not hang Kanye out to dry, let’s kill him and everyone else who is buggin out with love. They need love, as we all do.

Obama is a G.

L'Chaim...... P!ed P!per

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Wistopher said...

true, my brother true!

everybody is popping off first and then thinking about it after the fact. that's ass backwards. save yourself the embarrassment.

i wanna also say that i effing love this blog. i check it daily right along with bossip and ybf!