Thursday, March 3, 2011

Exit Through the Gift Shop

If anyone consistently reads 5ivebruhs or knows me pretty personally then you know I have a very strong fascination with street art and particularly the anonymous UK street artist Banksy. He does grafitti in the form of spray paint on stensil and also acrylic. He also has been known to do installation art pieces and sculptures. The cool thing about Banksy is his political and social commentary in most of his piece besides his anonymity and refusal to reveal himself. He's like an art superhero.

Recently he released a documentary about street art and artists that was nominated for an Academy Award. I would tell you about it but I think it would be best if you just watched it for yourself. I will however drop the trailer on the blog. definitely check it out tho. I'm pretty sure its on Netflix instant play. Definitely worth it for anyone who appreciates what art is supposed to be.


Julian Elijah Martinez said...

I love the quote: "there was a time when i thought everyone should be an artist. Now I don't know if I think that anymore" Banksy

A conversation of the commercialism of a culture. I think us in the hip-hop generation feel the sting of that each and every day.

Anonymous said...

I agree man...this film really outlined what happens to art when idiots and money grubbers get hold of it.