Friday, March 11, 2011

What the FLIPSTICK IS THIS?! (I stopped cursing for lent)

Well it seems that The Cuban stole my thunder about the state of hip hop and all of that.  That was going to be my article.  But I went to the CIAA tournament in Charlotte and was subjected to "Coonery"  I'm sorry but that's just what it was...  There were two songs that I heard while there that really stuck with me. They are terrible songs.  They make no sense, and if you can tell me what they are talking about I will give you a dollar...

Please go down to the bottom of the blog to pause the music so that you can hear this nonsense.  I suggest you only listen ONCE, anymore than that and you really don't love yourself...

This first song is called "Throwed Off".... what does that MEAN!?!  You only need to hear the first 30 seconds of the song to know nothing good will come of this nonsense.

The second song is called "Racks"... WHAT IS A RACK?! Why does this video have a disclaimer that is grammatically incorrect?  Even if they had correctly written "Won't" instead of "Want" it would still sound like no education went into the individuals involved.  And I hate this song more than the first one because it makes me want to dance.  I have no clue what he's saying, but I feel like I've been programmed to enjoy this music.  Only difference is, I realize its not a good song.

I'm done.  Commercialism and dumb niggas are ruining hiphop... Even Lupe's last CD has suffered.  If he could have made 8 more tracks like "All black Everything" it would have went down as one of the best CD's ever.  It's extremely over produced and Lupe's words become secondary to the production.  UGH!  I quit...

I like this video.... Forget you Cuban.. I'ma post this joint.


P!ed P!per

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