Tuesday, April 30, 2013

young dick (mo homo)

You ever have a hard time givin’ a fuck about shit you’re supposed to give a fuck about © Patrice O’Neal

I feel like this, a lot. I’ll sit and watch BS news stories on CNN or MSNBC and try to conjure up some sympathy or compassion….and nothing is there. It’s like if I had a fuck to give you, I’d keep it for myself......However…

Kelly Watson
I have a small issue with female teachers being sent to jail for sleeping with their male students. On my level of care, this ranks about a two. For instance, if you needed a signature to change the law, I’d sign it. But if I have to get out of bed and go somewhere to sign it…not happening. I’ll stay at the back of the bus on this issue…. Back to my point….Every case I have read regarding this situation shows the male student being a willing participant in the sex. Now, if the sex is not consensual, then that is a problem…obviously. But in a situation where it is consensual and the teacher is caught, then she should be fired but not sent to jail. I understand that teachers are looked upon as authority figures in the classroom and the community. If something like this happened to where my child went to school, I would definitely want the teacher fired. Simply because she would not have any respect from the students, and would not be able to have a productive classroom.  I understand that. However, consensual sex is consensual sex. No 16 yr. old boy is turning down sex with a teacher if she’s offering to kick it up. And more importantly, no manipulation or breach of trust occurs when “trying” to convince a teenage boy to have sex with a teacher. The same cannot be said if it were a male teacher, sleeping with a female student. Which is why male deviants receive harsher penalties than the female deviants. I understand and am comfortable with this double standard.

I have no issue with female teachers wanting young dick. None. If anything, I feel sorry for them. Nothing says desperation like hooking up with a high school kid...it’s the very definition of hustling backwards. She started off in high school fucking high school kids. Ten years later, same thing….However, if the kid can start off his sex career with knocking off his teacher, more power to him. If I were a parent, I would be more upset that he was caught having sex, instead of him having the sex….just as long as no kids or STD’s are involved.

Sarah Jones
Look at it like this….you’re a high school kid. You either are a virgin or new to sex. Right now, you’re in training camp. These high school years of you having sex will prepare you for the sex you eventually will have post high school. Out of nowhere, you….as a high school kid….have a chance to hook up with her (she is a former cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals and a part-time teacher; she was accused of sleeping with one of her students). Not only are you hooking up with the teacher, but you’re fucking a NFL cheerleader as well. Granted, I don’t think she’s that cute, but…who cares. It’s not something you should turn down. Especially in high school. It’s like playing on your JV team, and then getting a call to join the NFL. If you can pull a professional cheerleader at 16, your sex career and social life is promising. 

And this is where it falls apart. Because she’s a cheerleader, you are going to want to tell someone. Especially when you are in the NFL, and all of your friends are stuck on JV. Your friends will tell other people who want to be in the NFL, and eventually tell the wrong person who hates just a little too hard, and then it’s over. She gets fired and arrested, and you’re back to JV. 

Erin Sayar
I would love to meet someone and they tell me about how they were able to successfully fuck their high school teacher for years, and not get caught. That would be great.  Even better, I would love to meet a female teacher who was able to successfully fuck their male students for years, and not get caught. Although I’m sure she would be creepy as hell and a deviant (NSFW), I need to know the rationale behind this. At first I thought, this is some white girl shit. But I was wrong. There are black women out there doing this same foolishness…and I have no idea why. In the words of Joe…I wanna know.

The moral of the story:  stop snitchin. 

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