Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pissin' Partners

There are a lot of slippery slopes and I was just made aware of one in the District of Columbia. There is a law that basically states if you feel you are the opposite sex, you have the right to use the facilities of the sex you identify with. This is currently a hot topic in Arizona as well. I want to state that I am not against LGBT rights in the least. I didn’t vote for or against amendment one in NC (I don’t live there), but I do think potential problems can arise from the assertion that “you can do what you want because you feel a certain way”. It’s a slippery slippery slope.

Now before you get all upset and want to hang me, hear me out. Life is rough a lot of the times. I mean we’re all dealt a different hand in which we have to play with. Me? I was dealt a lot of cards, but for purposes of this post, I’ll key in on my bigness and my blackness. We all know about the 60’s and the civil rights movement and what all had to happen to give me the rights I have today. And I appreciate that. America is now “fair” for all races, but we all know that is not true in our daily lives. I’ve been harassed and followed in stores (PacSun) by employees where nothing would even fit me at the time. I believe this is because I was black. And Lord knows getting a job and being black has never been an easy simultaneous task. But it’s just the hand we are dealt. It makes us better people for having to overcome that adversity. Genetically, I’m predisposed to being overweight, developing cardiovascular disease and potential heart attacks before age 50. That’s not fair right? Why can’t I go with all the skinny people and eat whatever whenever? Why do I work out 4 times a week to lose weight and some people get to just go about their life and live decently due to their genetics? It doesn’t matter because it won’t change. Fat man gotta deal.

 I say the same thing about the LGBT community. It’s a struggle. It’s not fair. It’s not right. But it is what it is. I know it’s awesome to fight for rights and gain equality. But I think a lot of time people complain about things just “not being how they want it”. If you can go into a bathroom and no one cares, then awesome. If someone does, then I think respect is needed on both ends as everyone may not be comfortable with the situation. I find a lot of times things are forced upon us and if we are uncomfortable then were seen as bigots. I have no hate in my heart. I mean look at the Chick-Fil-A situation. People were thinking you were Hitler if you went to purchase a chicken sandwich. Just because I’m not actively supporting your cause doesn’t mean I’m against you. If you were born into a poverty situation, you can complain about it and go nowhere or deal and move past it. Same thing with this bathroom issue the LGBT community is pushing. I just feel there are bigger fish to fry. Fat man gotta eat.

Is “progression” always the best thing? Jason Collins thinks so, and in all honesty, I find it hard to ever argue against. When I presented this issue to my roommate she said she likes the idea of the law and that “it’s the way of the future.” Creates a slippery slope in my opinion. I don’t think this is necessarily a good thing for our future. The future always ends with robots becoming aware of their existence and killing us all. That or a zombie apocalypse. I mean I really don't care where you piss. Whether you stand, squat or lift one leg. Just don't do it on me.  All I'm saying is that others may have stronger opinions. Respect those as well.

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