Monday, May 6, 2013

5ive Bruhs Best MCs of the 2010s Part 1

I tweeted my list of top MCs recently, which got me thinking. We are firmly in the 10s, a decade that is already marking its own unique style of hip hop. Already some pretty big things have happened. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Tyler the Creator have both lost endorsement deals controversy caused by their "art", Jay-Z is increasingly becoming a political entity as much as he's an entertainment one, new collaborations between hip hop and other musical genres are more common place, and Danny Brown is getting his dick sucked on stage. It will interesting to see where this decade will stand in hip hopstory. Will it continue to expand and grow, falter and die, or evolve into something else that will frustrate parents everywhere. The biggest influences of that is arguably the artist. So to see where hip hop is going we need to check out the voices that are making the loudest noise. So these are the Best MCs who released shit in the last 3 years. The ones who will shape the sound and culture for the decade to come.

Big Sean

"Big Sean, really" That's what my brother said when I told him about this list. That was my reaction too. See the way this list worked was I asked the other 5ive bruh bros to send me their list. If there were common names, those would be included. Well, three out of 4 5ive bruhs said Big Sean, and here we go. What can I say about Big Sean that hasn't already been said. He likes hats, and says "boi" allot. So there's that. He's the Fabulous of this decade. Most of his music revolves around perpetuating the hip hop fantasy: cars, clothes, and hoes. He is arguably the best of these new cats at that since HOV started actually living the collective fantasy, well most articulate that is.

Big K.R.I.T

If you like Outkast from ATliens to Stankoina, K.R.I.T is for you. Hailing from Mississippi, K.R.I.T sounds more out of Atlanta then that area of the country. His raps are thoughtful, political, and cultural. He tends to invoke a range of different southern sounds, including Trap, Crunk, Screwed and Chopped. He also has arguably the best lyric on "1 Train". He bringing Southern Hip Hop back from the cultural wasteland the A-bomb that the Crunk revolution left it.

Danny Brown

The Addidrall Admiral, The Bart Simpson of Rap, Danny Brown uses words like his plaything. Very few MCs in history are able to craft lyrics the way he does. He will leave you laughing, disturbed, and taken aback all on the same track. Its easy to chalk his style as stoner rap, but he stands out from that bunch because of raw talent, and a flow that was honed by his insane work ethic. Plus the only brother I know to get his dick sucked on stage and continue to spit with out missing a bar.

Kendrick Lamar

The true voice of a generation, and one of the few MCs who would, in their first album, make it a concept album that was refreshing in how unformulaic is was. Kendrick has breathed life into hip hop similar to what Kayne did in the early 2000s, by staying true to his art and himself. Difference is, Kayne had to learn how to rap, and Kendrick seems to been born with that ability. I can only imagine how he will be five years from now.  

Honorable Mentions: Joey Bada$$, Curren$y, A$AP Rocky, and Yelawulf

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