Thursday, May 9, 2013

White Guilt = Black Internet Sensations

I know we all heard about the heroic act of Mr. Charles Ramsey a couple of days ago.  If you havent heard about it yet google that shit.  Don't go to images first so the memes don't ruin it for you and watch every video that you can find that features this nigga Charles Ramsey.  This dude rescued a woman who was being held captive for a decade by his neighbor unbeknownst to him and soon after, the police found 2 other missing women in his neighbors home.  Luckily for the media this nigga happens to have an animated personality and when a black person gets on the news acting animated he then becomes referred to as a "sensation"  which is fucking hilarious to me.  "Sensation"?  Anyway I and everyone else loves when a news story is as interesting, captivating and hilarious as this one all at the same time.  Interesting and captivating because you want to know the circumstances of this womans captivity and find out the residual affects, hilarious because of this nigga Charles Ramsey.  I watched those videos and laughed my ass off.  Found the 911 recording and laughed my ass off and right before I wrote this post I thought.  Wait a minute.  Is this shit racist?  Follow me please.

I was listening to a 5ivebruhs favorite comedian Patrice O'neal (RIP) and he mentioned an interesting fact about modern racism.  In a nutshell he commented on the fact that we all know there is racism in our country but its so expertly veiled nowadays that we can't prove it.  I remembered this as I was thinking about Charles Ramsey.  Racists must love black internet sensations and Charles Ramsey is  a racists dream.  You can harmlessly make fun of black stereotypes and because its so damn funny that no one will say shit, plus he did something awesomely heroic which makes it legitimately newsworthy. Think about Sweet Brown,  The Leprechaun movie, The Reporter Goes Ghetto, all fantastically entertaining partly because they expose the truth in many Black stereotypes and get passed off as news.  Unlike the Charles Ramsey Amanda Berry case, these were hardly newsworthy cases.  Charles Ramsey is great for racists because you can expose the truth in a stereotype and simultaneously dispute it.  I was seeing posts about this guy from white people like "so much for the stereotype of the black guy being the villain" and "good for him never judge a book by its cover."   Thats racist.

Ok to the title what I mean when I say White Guilt = Black Internet Sensations is that white people cant overtly do or say something racist anymore so that guilt causes them to use the news as a veil to expose black stereotypes.  The funnier the better. That way you get over that its racist almost instantly.  As soon as I laughed at Charles Ramsey whatever hint (and it was only a small hint) of racism I felt disappeared.  Same with Sweet Brown, Leprechaun niggas etc.  Again like Patrice O'neal I cant prove it but I am pretty sure some racists spontaneously bust a nut every time a black person finds themselves on the news perpetuating a stereotype they've been secretly (only around their white friends) discussing for years.

If I can be honest unlike Patrice O'Neal I prefer this internet trolling racism where the racist therapeutically rant on the computer about some new internet "sensation".  It lets you know that racist are out there.  They don't want people to know because they know they wrong which is commendable I guess.  The funny thing is I'm trying to "be all brotherly" and find a pic of this dude looking "respectable" and dammit this is all I could find.

No its not Tyrone Biggums uncredited Uncle Chuck...This is Charles Ramsey.

Well sorry this is late...I love you. Dont Fight The Feeling!

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