Sunday, May 5, 2013

Where's The Bottom

Now, I don't like when people pretend to be someone or something they are not.  I also don't like when people want to hype their former or current lifestyle up. You can find many examples of this on the world’s favorite social media site - Facebook. An example of this is when men yak about how they are hard, thug life, don't make me go to the trunk, etc.  Then, you find out they live in a gated community, parents make 6 figures and they sing in the choir at church....every sunday! And here I am thinking, "Why are you wasting energy fronting?" But it doesn't stop there - you have stars and celebrities who do the same.  I mean Rick Ross used someone elses story to create his backstory, and he didn't every even compensate my man!  Talk about identity theft.  But nonetheless, this article is dedicated to the biggest celebrity imposter I know......DRAKE!!!!

Drake makes many thug comments and seems to think he is hard. And what takes the cake is he has a song entitled, "Started From The Bottom." Here are a few lines about Drake's life before he was a rap star, when he was grinding at the BOTTOM.

            Father was a drummer for rock star Jerry Lee Lewis-WINNING

            Mother is a white, Canadian, Jew-WINNING

            Schoolmate's dad is an agent-WINNING

            Friend's dad gets him the role on Degrassi-STILL WINNING

            Becomes a Canadian TV star-and.....STILL WINNING

     Role on Degrassi is eliminated and a few months later Lil Wayne contacts him to join the team-CAN YOU SAY WINNING?
So, I'm confused.....where is the bottom?!  This nigga started from the top!  I know you must lie to make your legion of mindless fans think you are hard. But, remember there are literate hip hop fans, who will just Google you and find that your childhood was as soft as the Charmin toilet paper that I wipe with.

Now, I'm not a hater. I actually believe Drake makes some catchy music and I would love it more if this imposter didn't attempt to deceive the masses.  Drake's song "Started From The Bottom", tries to highlight the hardships he endured to make it to the top. My final question is, why didn't he mention the fact that his real name is Aubrey? that is a bottomless pit!

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