Saturday, May 18, 2013

Olivia Pope: Side-Chick All Star!!

Thursday night many people including myself said farewell to Olivia Pope and Scandal.  I will stand tall and admit that the Fall is too far away!!!  Olivia Pope brought a new light to the side hoe.  You could say she helped America glorify the side chick.  I would peruse Facebook and see conversations about how Olivia and the VERY MARRIED PRESIDENT need to be together.   That is adultery America, but I digress.  

If there was Hall of Fame for Side Chicks, Olivia Pope would be a first ballot Hall of Famer.  She is a beautiful woman, with her own money, she can get basically any man she wants and she is not a SNITCH!! She’s a winner!  Let me state that I do not agree with adultery, but I do recognize her game.  Today I want to put together an All Star team of the top Side Hoes and Mistresses of the past and present.

My starting lineup will consist of women that has brought something new to the hoe game or just have done something unique or outright ruthless. Here we go:

Lucy Mercer:  Now she is a 20th century hoe trendsetter.  She was the first known mistress in the 1900s to have been caught having an affair with the future President.  Eleanor Roosevelt hired her to be Franklin D Roosevelt's secretary and the rest was history.  She almost cost President Roosevelt the inheritance his mother had set for him.  He then publicly got rid of her.  Guess that's where money over hoes originated!  She is the old veteran that is wise knows their role.

Marilyn Monroe:  She had and affair with arguably one of the most loved US presidents!!  The crazy thing is so many people knew!  Enough said, shes a star and the star of the team.

Monica Lewinsky/Gennifer Flowers/Paula Jones:  All of these women had some type of relations with President Clinton.  I would first like to say that Clinton is a G.  He was able to have multiple affairs and still be loved by Americans to this day!  Lewinsky was a snitch, but became a mini celebrity.  Flowers twerked half a million dollars out of her scandal and Paula Jones got $850,000 from her scandal.  Talk about winning!  These women persevere through tough times, they are the hard workers for the team and do the little things to get the win.

Traci Lynn Johnson:  Now we move over into the sports world. Ms. Johnson had an affair with former NY Giants running back, Tiki Barber.  She messed with Mr. Barber and had him leave his pregnant wife!!  That was low Tiki, but Traci wins because she married him.  She is the 6th man.  She comes off the bench and works like a starter, just as she did when she came out of nowhere and married Tiki!

Rielle Hunter:  She is known for having an affair and child with Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards.  Not only did she have an affair with Edwards, but his wife was suffering from cancer!  That is ruthless, cut throat, down right gangsta.  She is the bruiser of the team.  She is just there to take out the competition by any means necessary.  She is my Charles Oakley!

Coached by Olivia Pope, this would be a hell of a team.  Some of these women have the potential to make it to the side hoe Hall of Fame.  If you think there was a women that should be on the team leave a comment and let me know why she is an All Star Mistress.

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