Thursday, May 16, 2013

MJ or Prince??

You remember grade school when you found out your teacher was sick and they had some sub who was like 26 years old and had no idea where you were in the curriculum and didn't care.  Usually that sub was unprepared and most likely that sub would put on a video which was perfect because the students didn't want to do shit anyway.  I say all this to say, I'm about to do the same thing.  Call me the substitute teacher.  I was unprepared and now I'm about to show you a video instead.  Judge me if you want.

Me and Bob George have an on going debate about Michael Jackson and Prince.  Obviously from his name you can tell which one he favors.  Maybe these videos can illustrate my point. Michael "wins" hands down as the better musician performer.  By the way, PLEASE check my man Prince's entrance.  This dude gets carried on stage by Hulk Hogan or Magilla Gorilla, I can't tell. Anyway you tell me who's better?


If that doesn't convince you check this little boy doing the dishes to Smooth Criminal not fighting the feeling...only MJ's spirit can give him that kind of gumption.


You're kidding me... said...

There is no way you can say MJ isn't the best of all time. If you dohtne you are a fool... Even the dance moves on stage show the difference. Fool.

Jonny Casanova said...

My point EXACTLY.