Tuesday, May 14, 2013

my 15 seconds, on his 15 mins.

I’m going to keep this brief.

Charles Ramsey, please stop saying you don’t want the money. I understand that you may be insulted at the fact that you should take the reward money, because you already have a job. Look playa, you make $269 a week. You got bills. Better get this money and stop being nice. Nothing wrong with being compensated while you have your 15 minutes. Besides, it is much easier for the government to give you money, and you take care of any miscellaneous bills and dues with that money, than to simply reject the reward and they dig deeper into the bills you owe.

Also, please stop saying white women aren’t running into a black man’s arms. This simply is not true. Speak for yourself. I can understand why you may feel this way. As a dishwasher, I’m assuming you are easily ashy. All that water. What you need is some cocoa butter, and white women will be your friends. I went to Elon. I know. They love the smell of chocolate and chocolate-like products.

I understand he did a good deed, and he should be commended for it…..but look…..when was the last time you were safe or thrilled to be around a dude in a dirty v-neck, holding a big mac? You can’t trust anyone who eats McDonalds. It’s for the sick and the weak.

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