Monday, June 14, 2010

black people do this.....

i have some things i need to get off my chest real quick....

1. white people - when it's time go out for breakfast, stop suggesting "let's get bagels". never in life will i want to eat a big ass circle of bread.

2. white people - please stop playing dancing to "take me home tonight", "pour some sugar on me", "shout" (i never knew i'd hate an isley brothers song so much) & "west virigina, take me home" need new songs.

3. white people - please stop telling me the hip-hop i listen to sucks. just because u like atmosphere, aesop rock, brother ali, & insane clown posse.....don't mean niggas need to hear that shit too.

4. black people - please start drinking beer. its saves you time, $$$, and is a better drunk....newcastle & guinness will always taste better than hennessey (to me)

5. to my asian neighbor who refused to help me out, even though i knocked on your door, and saw you staring at me through your blinds......i pray to jesus bartholomew christ that you get the worst papercut known to man.

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LuvliLadi said...

From this post its clear that you just need to stop hanging out around white people so much and you'd have less to complain about lol. Simple really. And yes beer saves time and $$$ but it clearly gives beer bellies and thats never cool. Slim people walking around with beer bellies aren't cute. I had enough of that mess at EU. I still have nightmares of females with beerbellymuffintop syndrome. smh lol