Tuesday, June 29, 2010

what's on my mind

- the most important day in the 2010-11 nba season is coming on 7/1. this day has been a long time coming for ny knicks fans. we'll either be extremely happy with the outcome....or.....there will be blood on the streets. if we get lebron, then we need someone to pair him w/. hopefully we can pick up joe johnson and amare, and we'll be good...hell, we'd be great.

- my role of being the student of music is annoying. it's like going to school everyday for 6 years and you're the only mofo there. lol, you can only be interested for so long. so when you meet someone like you, you get geeky happy (my higo story)....i guess this is how homeschooled kids feel.

- for the past year, the Bible has been the one book that can consistently make me laugh. when i read the stories and parables, and relate them to today's situations in pop culture, i laugh....

- the one constant thing in my life for the past ten years is my humor. my tastes in music have changed, my style of speech, dress, and even the way i look has changed....but the things i find funny, i champion like no other.

- why is the world obsessed with vampires? that shit needs to stop.

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LuvliLadi said...

lol....your geeky music moment still makes me laugh, but I get it. The world is equally obsessed with vampires and anything sci-fi really just like they've been with other fads through the years. If something is a money maker then everyone tries it out. Personally I can take the vampire movies/tv shows and Harry Potter type flics a lot better than this reality show mess. That's the real obsession. No one cares about talent anymore, anyone can be on camera as long as they act like a bitch, drink alot, etc. Annoying!