Wednesday, June 2, 2010

role players

it's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you © rakim

here we go....

during our time apart, a lot has happened....most importantly, the NBA playoffs has been in full swing. which brings me to my topic of discussion for today..

today's random topic: my favorite NBA role players

in the NBA playoffs, there are 3 types of good players

1. stars - game changers; a lead is never safe w/ this player in uniform (kobe)
2. solid players - players who rely on stars, and can become the man when needed (rondo)
3. role players - players who come off the bench and give quality minutes (anderson varejao)

this is my ode to the role players..some players make this list for different reasons.

1. randy brown: the first guy to hug mj whenever the bulls would win....good 'ole #0. most NBA players when you say their names, i can think of a highlight they had, or a shot that sticks out in my mind....not only can i not recall a play from randy brown, but i don't even remember seeing him play.... i've seen a lot of basketball in my day. anyone who knows me, can attest to this: i don't get excited about much. basketball, music, and whatever miscellaneous event is going on in my life.....but randy brown was the most excited bench player to NEVER play. i wouldnt be too upset if i played with mj. collecting rings, and making easy $$....too bad randy had to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

2. dell curry: wardell stephen curry, and no i didn't have to look that first official basketball was an autographed copy of a burger king basketball in 1993 of wardell curry and kenny gattison...he had no D. he wasn't fast. he had no hops. BUT, he could shoot....very well.....during the Hornets games, they would do a promotional event during the 3rd qtr. of every televised game on wbtv. a charlotte fan would pick which player would make a 3 pt. shot during the 3rd qtr., if you picked the right player, you'd get $100 worth of free groceries from harris-teeter. every fan always picked dell curry...they had to get rid of that game.

3. derek fisher: if there were a role player hall of fame, he'd be first ballot. dude is simply an assassin. he takes and makes the big shot. and more important than anything else, in my opinion, he comes to work mentally prepared...he's always where he needs to be on the court, which comes from hours of preparation through practice and film. he's gunning for his 5th title....he'll get it.

4. robert horry: if derek fisher is first ballot, the first player that would be robert horry. big shot rob made a career out of being clutch. people forget that he came into the league the same year as shaq and alonzo mourning. his first two rings with houston, horry was a versatile player. similar to pippen, just taller and without the D....slowly, his game because less versatile, and he dined on the 3. he would hibernate during the regular season, only to come alive during the playoffs and knock down clutch put this in perspective, robert horry has 7 rings.

5. eddie house: eddie house loves to shoot. that is all he can do. shoot...he's made a career out of being a gunner. i respect that...teammates know the deal, "eddie plays for 15 minutes a game; therefore, he's shooting the ball every time he crosses half court".....instant offense. not the best scorer or shooter, but if he gets hot.....he can put up some numbers. furthermore, he is now a new york knick **clears throat**

6. steve kerr: my sister's favorite a slower, white version of dell curry. which, isn't saying much... steve knew how to survive playing around mj. mj got mad during a practice, and punched steve kerr in the face. that same season, game 6 of the '97 finals, mj feeds kerr for the open jumper. they win the series. steve kerr was always ready when his time came up.... a good role player plays good at home and on the road. when you see bench players get excited after scoring 14 points on their home court in a big game, ask yourself this: will they do that on the road? 9 times outta 10, the answer is no (i'm lookin at you channing fyre)....kerr's game traveled.

7. mark madsen: i couldn't say it any better than this.... watch below

8. charles oakley: the only player on this list to make an all-star team. my favorite knick of all-time....slapped tyrone hill because he owed him $$$. slapped scottie pippen, just cuz (youtube). slapped cameramen because they were in his locker space. got beat up in a club because he couldnt smoke a cigar...i could go on and on with oakley stories....i'll save my soliloquy for a knicks post.

9. john salley: the championship good luck charm. coming out of georgia tech in the dreaded 1986 draft, salley actually had game. during his yrs with detroit he was a solid defender, had great length, and played with energy....somewhere along the line, john wanted to become a comedian, literally. he still managed to scoop up 2 rings with chicago and LA, but his game was long gone. he was good for 4 or 5 fouls, and 2 splinters a game.

10. eric snow: my college roommate, freshman year gave me 42 pts w/ eric snow on nba live '04....'nuff said.


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