Monday, November 21, 2011

New York, New York

New York has a love/hate relationship with me. Ever since I was in high school, New York has had a almost mythical allure to it. I think its like how those kids in a C.S. Lewis novel must feel when they find themselves once again stumbling into Narina. The glee of the anticipation for adventure, but also the realization that this is a very dangerous place. Now I know there aren't creatures actively trying to kill me in New York, but I consistently question if I can survive in a place as harsh and unrelenting as New York likes to think it is. It is almost a right of passage for kids of my generation, to move to New York and mine for their futures like gold miners flocking to California. Driving into new york, two songs come to mind to represent my feelings about this place. A place that carries so much meaning in our collective American history. Enjoy.

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