Saturday, November 5, 2011

Embrace hurts soo good.

Its been a long time since Ive been on this site. Months in fact. Me and my friends started this blog about 2 years ago in an attempt to keep in touch with each other. It was a hit with our friends and eventually with people we didn't know from all over. Like everything in life, it fizzled out. People became too busy and some members had to drop the site. Eventually we all dropped the blog siting "life" as the main contributing factor at least it was the case for me. I also feel like I was no longer inspired to write anymore. I had nothing interesting to say.

I find myself back on this site hoping I can inspire the rest of the crew to jump back on, but now to the subject matter. What i want to talk about is WOMEN.

I hate cute things. Animals Children Women. They all find a way to exploit you in some way and they all love attention. Its fun at first because you find yourself willing to give the attention and not really think much of who's contributing more but if you have half a brain you begin to realize that any and every relation evolves into a power struggle. This is where politics come into play and usually the point where I pull out. I hate politics and the relationship tit for tat that everyone seems to get themselves involved in (probably why I'm the quintessential single guy in my group of friends). I cant help but be cynical about a process that involves for example, ignoring someone you like so they don't think you like them that much. FUCK THAT. Why can't people be upfront and damn the consequences? OK that was a rhetorical question. The reason is because people are afraid of getting hurt but is pain really that bad? Geez people! Get over yourself. I honestly believe that the reason people get so scared of rejection is because they got trophies for losing soccer games as a kid to boost confidence. Our generation is one full of people who had their egos stroked their entire lives to preserve their self esteem. Ridiculous.

I digress, in an attempt to be a different man than I was previously I found myself going on REAL dates and meeting women NOT in a bar and actually trying to foster something meaningful. You know what it did? It left me with a fuckin migraine and I HATE headaches. I tried to be sweet and nice and hangout and text and all that shit. NOT fun for me. I would rather something evolve naturally and maybe that's where I failed in trying to manufacture something that wasn't there. I can accept that BUT I would have saved a lot of time if people were not scared to hurt everyone's feelings all the time.

Oh and back to the "cute" things. Those things are the worst. They are so in tuned with the fact that they have a natural appeal that it's kinda scary and awesome. Even the cute girls who are really nice know in the back of their mind that they can manipulate and some find it fun. I guess I can understand it to a point but this goes back to the power struggle. I think I have a hard time subscribing to the power struggle bit because my motto in life is "Dont Fight the Feeling". You cant fight the feeling and be afraid to tell someone how you feel. It's rule number 37. I think that in general people should open themselves up more to rejection and also rejecting. Both are painful at times but pain is temporary and we've all got a lot of life to live.

I missed you 5ivebruhs...Thanks

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Hi! I work for a non-profit and would like permission to use this 'rejection' image in a parent training film that we are making. Could you let me know if I have permission for this? Thank you!!! sara_teens()