Tuesday, January 5, 2010

God bless the internet

All right I will be honest with you, I originally had a really good blog post in the works but I started watching The Blues Brothers and sort of ran out of time. But do not worry; instead I decided to post my personal favorite YouTube videos. You have probably seen a lot of these before but they are still good for a laugh. Just as a heads up some of them contain foul language so you may want to turn down the volume if you are at work.

I’m the Juggernaut Bitch: This one is a classic. I fondly remember watching this my sophomore year of college in the fraternity house. We laugh for hours upon hours until we woke up everyone else in the house. This one hasn’t aged very well and some people may not get it but I still love it.

“Cooking by the Book” a little bigger remix: This one I stumbled upon not too long ago, and has found it’s way into my favorites. I love it because it takes a very innocent children’s program and dubs over some very explicit lil’ John lyrics. What ensues is absolute magic as two disparate sources come together perfectly to make a classic.

Mahvel Baybe: This one comes from the world of videogames and shit talking, two things that go great together. I love this video because everybody has that friend who likes talking trash while playing videogames or perhaps you are that person. In this clip our man takes it to a new extreme spouting phrases that don’t any sense and pairs them to wonderful subtitles.

It’s So Cold in the D: This is one a good friend put me on to this one about a year ago. I am sure it is one you have already seen but its always good to take another look. Where to start with this one, it has some of the worst singing I have heard, terrible writing, and the hilarious background dancing. Most of all is this is a cringe-worthy video as it makes me slightly be embarrassed as a black person to see another black person acting so foolishly on the internet.

Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama: This one is a classic of the internet and probably set black folk back another 10 years. This one is bad because well… just watch it if you have not seen it before. It’s the best yet guiltiest laugh you will have in a while.

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