Friday, January 22, 2010

The influx of Corporate money in our Politics

On Thursday, the Supreme court block a potential ban on corporate spending in politics. Decided in an effort to protect the free political rights of American corporations, this decision has far reach consequences and will completely reshape America's political arena. Corporations and special interest groups now have an unprecedented amount of power to manipulate elections and legislation. I fear corruption of our democratic process is in the process.

I am not naive. I know lobbyist flood an insane amount into Washington, financing elections and manipulating legislation. However this decision essentially removes the cap on that spending and protects it under the US Constitution. Making any back room dealings completely and utterly legal.

I understand the decision. The choice comes from a very fundamental interpretation of the first amendment. Everyone has the right to free speech, and the government should not have the power to stop that. However do Corporations have the same congressional rights as an individual?

This is not a case of a downtrodden minority, or a oppressed social activist groups. This is a case for groups who are notorious for strong arming American elections. This is a case for groups who have thousands of dollar to poor in to political campaigns to makes sure their interest, not the interest of the American people are severed.

Mid-term elections are fast approaching, and as we have seen with the recent health care bill, democratic leadership is faltering. Though President Obama has remained cool and collected despite of his set backs, this recent decision is seriously going to hamper any push for change that does not support the corporate interest.

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