Thursday, February 24, 2011

God Bless 5ivebruhs

My bad on missing last weeks post, I was preoccupied. Fellow 5ivebruh contributor The P!ed P!per came to visit my neck of the woods this past weekend and needless to say we had a blast as usual. That last night got yo ass tho didn't it bruh? LOL! Anyway without disclosing any specifics about where I actually live in order to maintain anonymity, I will say that the weather was off the chain and there was beach drinking involved. Solid weekend. Top 30 all time. Now when you hear "Top 30 weekend of all time" that's discounting the fact that we can only remember about 15 of those most likely. We just know that we've probably had 15 other ones that were just as adventurous. We got into (and out of) some interesting situations together. Some of those situations are the stuff of box office screenplay.

For those of you who are not actually familiar with the concept of 5ivebruhs, it was started less than a year ago by us as newly graduated college buddies who knew the possibility of losing touch over time was upon us. We wanted to act quickly and find a way where we could all contribute and talk about the things we like to talk about. Back in college, it wasn't unusual to have guests over our house who were just waiting on us to start some analytical or completely asinine conversation about women, politics, music, each other, relationships etc. Graduating college kind of reminded us that we would no longer have the opportunity to do it in the same way. 5ivebruhs provides us that outlet and allows people who may or may not know us to hear our opinions and comment.

For that reason Ive got to say, God Bless 5ivebruhs.

I'll leave you with an interesting snippet of a conversation that The P!ed P!per and I had on the way to my crib from the airport.

He was talking about how he doesn't understand why people don't want to have children. His rationale was that every person should want to leave a legacy. He went on the say that if he died without children he would feel incomplete for not carrying on that legacy that was taught to him as a child.

I responded with this (and I think this applies to everyone) it doesn't matter if you die today or 30 years from now. The things that I have learned from him will be things that I teach my children. Its the man or woman that you decide to be everyday that affects people in ways that you will never know. Your legacy is already in motion. That's just something to think about.

Keep reading 5ivebruhs. We'll keep writing.

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