Friday, February 25, 2011

Evolution of Women (From a Male's Perspective)

Like J. Casanova I too apologize for not posting last week.  They really do need to make a blogger app for droid so I can post on the road.  Great weekend with a great friend tho.  So worth it. Also like Jonny, my blog will be inspired by a conversation him and I had over the weekend.  The evolution of women and men and how it affects our interactions.

Since I’ve been in the dating game I have noticed certain things about men and women.  The main thing that I’ve noticed is that today’s woman is a different breed.  I mean think about it.  Women have everything on their side that says they should rule the world.  Everything that says we should have had a woman president before a black president.  They are more organized, more protective, stronger when it comes to raising and caring for family, and hell even better hand writing.  Boys and girls usually go to their mother when something goes wrong for her advice.  Way before they go to their father.  Mommy can fix everything, and daddy is a mediocre substitute or the nigga who can get in contact with mommy easier.  The great equalizer, and honestly the thing that gives man the ultimate advantage is emotional stability. Sanity.  Women are crazy.  Every single one of them and its not their fault.

 When I say crazy, I don’t mean lock them all in a psych ward and throw away the key, but they have a much larger percentage of those who act irrational at times.  Guys are too simple to be irrational.  We go with what makes sense.  Women will know they are being irrational and still want someone to accept it as normal.  That makes sense to women. The man’s brain will never be able to wrap around that.  This leads me to my discussion about the dating scene.

My generation of women has evolved to another level.  They are so ambitious and feel like they can conquer the world, but they lack the vision on what exactly they will be able to accomplish.  Men realize there is a rationale to what they can do.  It’s been proven for centuries.  We have limitations and besides that elite 1% of dudes, we realize and except this.  We just do the best we can do and call it a wrap.  Because women started off a little farther back in the race of life, and were seen as second class citizens for such a long period of time (which I absolutely do not agree with) they have been making up hella ground in “life” realm.  It has gotten to a point where more women have college degrees and are taking the work environment by storm.  All of this is great. 
But think about it yall… who seems to be the least satisfied with life?  Who seems to be confused about their direction in life more often?  Women.  It is bc of this Steve Harvey has his special about why BEAUTIFUL SUCCESSFUL women are SINGLE as HELL!  They don’t know what they want and they can’t express it.  This is exponentially true for my generation, which is why COUGARS exist.

Cougars are older women who go after younger men. But truth be told, younger dudes are hunting down these cougars just as much.  The dudes who know what they want out of life I should say.  It is only recently that shows like “Cougar Town” come out and the word cougar takes front and center stage in the dating world.  Women out-number men and women are forced to widen their vision on what is acceptable to date.  Therefore they looked to the younger demographic. Younger guys have found out that the women they were promised to find when they were young boys are not their age.  The women who want that solid dude to fill the traditional roles as a man are older.  Men have an instinctual desire to provide and to protect in order to show their love.  Older women want this, younger girls don’t “need” shit according to them.  Cool. Do your thing, but I’m holla at Vanessa Williams.  And I aint mad at Nick Cannon.

In contrast, guys haven’t changed.  There are still those immature guys who’ve always existed who don’t want to grow up. And there are those men who have all their ducks in a row and are succesful, as well as everything in between.  Women are no longer the matriarchal house sustainers of the past, and that is WONDERFUL.  But they don’t know how far they can go and they will never be happy where they are bc they will always want more. (See my post titled “So Ambitiuous”).

Conclusion.  Guys will continue to find older women more and more attractive as time goes by and medical advances occur.  We will become fearful that the women we wanted to find when we got older do not exist in our age bracket and thus we will find happiness in these older women. Not bc they are less crazy, but they understand their life does have limitations and happiness is not impossible.  It takes insight to realize that only ONE person can be at the top at a time.  Hell 8th place in a race against 400 people is still great.  Besides, we ALL already one that one race 9 months before we were born.  Enjoy the fact you won life.  Be happy everyday and realize you can be all that want and need to be if you really think about that need part as well.  Achievement is great, enjoyment in what you have is greater.


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