Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Remember when music video's were inspired, visual representations of the theme and meaning behind the music they were projecting.Yeah I don't either. I mean I remember reading about it in my pop culture classes in college, but rarely are modern music video nothing more then commercials for S*** that I would never be able to afford, and girls I would never mess with. But when okayplayer tweeted Kayne was about to drop the "All of the Lights" video I got excited. "All of the Lights" is arguably the best song on arguably Ye's best album. Not only that, but the movie he released before the album was arguably the most artistic thing done in the hip hop world during 2010. I was hoping for a video that carried meaning, was visually appealing, and made me see the depth of my favorite song that I could not have heard by simply listening to it. There's no way it can go wrong. All star features, Hype Williams was directing, and its Yeezy. Remember "Jesus Walks", "Goldigger", "Touch the Sky", "Diamonds". All amazing videos. "Jesus Walks" had three separate videos, all different in their meaning and theme. And don't tell me you weren't creep out by those little African kids with their freaky black eyes in "Diamonds".

Then "All of the lights" happened, and the hip-hop world let out a collective "WTF". A friend of mine summed it up perfectly.
I didn't know getting a seizure could be so boring
Yep. Scalp, flashing lights, some unexplainable little black girl, more scalp, more flashing lights, Rihanna's boobs for no apparent reason (you know its bad when Rihanna's boobs can't save the video), more scalp, and the back of Kid Cudi's head. Oh, in case you were wondering when Kayne shoots "cop lights" Hype flashes a shot of...cop lights...brilliant! No Fergie (her verse was taken out), no Elton Jon, no Alicia Keys. About inspired as a "Black swan" that was literally 2 hours of Natilie Portman holding a swan, and no Milla Kunis at all. Sigh. So no I am not going to post "All of the Lights" on this blog. But to get the bad taste out of your mouth, I present I'm going to give you 4 inspired Ye videos, that didn't look like they were done by a freshman film student.

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Jonny Casanova said...

That video was visually beautiful...Rihanna looked great...random black girl i didnt understand and while the theme of the song wasn't represented in a great way, I thought it was a great music video. With all that said, it was a rip off of the opening credits of Gaspar Noe's 2009 controversial film, "Enter the Void" which is kinda wack...

-Jonny C