Monday, October 21, 2013

5ivebruhs the Podcast?

Yeah I said it! I've been wanting to do this for awhile now.  Me and Bob George( the 5ivebruhs contributor if you didnt know) have been talking this idea for a couple months now.  Unbenounced to me he had the idea before I did and had been an avid podcast listener for a minute.  I however didn't quite know there was even a big enough audience for a podcast but have recently been bitten by the podcast bug.  I think it would be a fantastic idea.  Being a musician and sound guru I love opportunities to record and create format and I think we can put together a pretty entertaining show bringing a voice (pun intended) to our contributors and be able to express a little more of our personalities, plus I think it'll just be a lot of fun!

 We have been lucky enough to get a pretty strong following recently and we've been thinking about ways that we can take the blog to another level and this would be a perfect time to do it if you ask me.  Months ago when we first were in talks about a podcast I was still a new listener and I knew I was going to need to do some more research if we were going to start this.  I began digging through the internet and found some podcast that I now listen to on a consistent basis.  Some of them are funny, some are informative and some rachet, some I can't listen to everyday some I can't wait to hear what the next episode has in store.  Its become my new pastime at work to have something coming through the speakers during work or downtime or the rare moment I get in the gym.  What I love about podcasts is also what I love about the internet.  No rules (yet).  We can be as crude and funny and inappropriate or just as real as we want and its up to you the audience to determine the popularity of it not the FCC.  I just think that the internet and social media gives us a lot of opportunity to share opinions and open up dialogue and the blog is a fun way to do this but a podcast has intfinitely more possibility.  Let us know what you think about the idea in the comments below.  I'd like to get this started soon in the coming months!

Here are some podcasts that I've been listening to lately:

Bomani Jones - The Evening Jones (Sports Pop Culture)
Combat Jack - The Combat Jack Show (Hip Hop Culture)
DJ Ben Hameens - Fan Bros (Black Nerd Central) *also a great blog
Kid Fury's - The Read  ( Sometimes Kid Fury is just a little tooo gay for me to listen to and for that reason I will cut the podcast short, but he's still funny as shit!)

less ferequently i'll check out...
Marc Maron's - WTF
Will Sasso and Chris Delia's - Ten Minute Podcast

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