Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Furlough Hangover

I am one of those unessential employees. That means my job evidently doesn't matter enough for me to get paid when these fucks on the hill can't get it together. While they still make their money, thousands of us are not getting paid and at risk for never seeing this money once its all said and done. Its some shit. I'm not one of the most political people and I don't declare myself republican or democrat.  I'd rather not have to defend an entire party on their decisions. I'll decide how I feel on issues as they present themselves. I'm a bit conservative on many social issues but I do support the mission of the liberals. With that said, right now I'm on some fuck republicans in the house.
Republicans are trying to smoke screen the bigger issue by making this shut down about the affordable healthcare act. Its done. Its not going anywhere and they know that. Really, the issue is that they don't want to see Obama succeed. And being honest, its partially because he's black. Never has there been such opposition to a president and questioning his decision making. Is he less intelligent than previous presidents? Do all presidents make mistakes? I don't believe you can say the fact that Obama is black has nothing with me sitting at home right now writing this blog. You can't, but I implore you to try.  The republicans have to be the saltiest cats on earth right now. The election was last year and you lost. Bow out gracefully, don't stick around and try to sabotage what happens from that point forward. America made their decision on who they wanted to see control this country. If we've made a mistake, it is ours to make. I've have never seen such a public display of childish behavior in a professional environment in my life. And guess what? These people aren't seeing their paychecks docked or taken away. They are "The Essential Ones".  I wonder if I can tell my apartment complex people my rent this month isn't an essential payment of mine?

For those of you who read this and are not living int he DMV area, I'll tell you what life is like here right now. Yesterday, I get to work at 7am (an hour later than normal) to sign a form that tells me I don't have a job until they pass a budget or continuing resolution. We were told we would get 4 hours of pay for driving into work and having an "orderly shut down". After being there for about 2 hours, we were told to take that 4 hours of pay out of our timesheets and to fill the whole day with furlough time. Everyone at work, especially my supervisor who drives 2 and half hours one way to work, was livid. Rightfully so. We then we leave to go home and sit in traffic because all of the government released at the same time. Just a great morning.

Around noon, a group of friends and I decide to take advantage of all the deals in DC because of the furlough. I got a free burger from Z-Burger and several free and discounted drinks at bars all over the city. We walked the whole way because ain't nobody got cash for cabs. Around 9pm I head home to sleep. I now write this to you with a furlough hangover.

Yesterday it seemed like a fun free for all for government workers. Today its the hangover and the realization of what's really happening. Our minds were too clouded with the abnormality for a Tuesday, but reality is sitting in that this could be the norm for the foreseeable future. It sucks. I hate going to work everyday, but I love making money. I only like blogging. I wish I could get paid for this shit. Oh well, time for me to play Grand Theft Auto 5. Enjoy your day, and if you're getting paid, thank the Lord.


Alex said...


This is what I'm talking about. I was talking to someone about this the other day, and I was saying how I just wish GOP far-right conservatives would quit insulting our intelligence by claiming that the ACA will be a disaster, and just come out with the truth by saying "we actually just don't like minorities, and we don't want to aid them." That's it.

It sure as shit wouldn't make me dislike them any less, but at least they would be honest little racists, and we could move forward as a nation by (damn well hopefully) making that group of people Much less important, or, non-essential.

Brudda J said...

I'm glad we recognize the real issue here. Its blatant and disrespectful no matter how they try to disguise it.