Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What if Guys Had the Powers of Chicks?
Throughout life there are several things you tend to notice on the social scene and specifically on interactions between women and men. For most guys in my generation, and this comes from personal experience, alcohol is liquid courage and women have all the power. Recently, I went out with a few friends for a night in DC. Same as always, we drink, talk, laugh and meet new people. I've had this question/thought for a while now, so I'm just going to put a scenario out there and let you think on it. What if guys had the powers of chicks? 

Real quick sidenote: I often generalize because most generalizations are true and come from truth just like stereotypes. Save your self righteousness buddy. the aforementioned excursion, a friend of mine and I ended up wandering to a gay bar for some wings. Yes, just for the wings. Didn't feel right ordering half smokes (joke intended). The wings were alright, we've both had better, but the women seemed to find us harmless. A lot of them came up to make conversation with us. This rarely happens. There's magic in a gay bar and we didn't mind it. Eventually two of these fearless women took up permanent real estate with us and we conversed for some time. I noticed that the woman my friend was talking to looked rather unfriendly. Didn't really smile or give off the most welcoming aura, and very soon she decided the time had come for her to make her way home because "she was tired". She reminded me very much of Daria from that old MTV cartoon. It really just appeared that she wasn't about having fun and being young. I'm so about that life. About 2 minutes later my buddy approached, looking a bit tired/defeated, and said he was also going home. When I asked about "Daria" he shrugged told me she was mean and boring. He left. Turns out when he got outside she asked him to split a cab and once in asked him "your place or mine?" out of the blue. She then took him home and they hooked up. She then rudely asked him to leave by informing him that " don't need a key if you want to leave" as soon as the fun was over.

As a guy, you can't pretend like she's a jerk, rude or anything like that. Man code would call you a bitch. You simply bounce. No need for pleasantries. These DC women are something else. But this did cause my age old thought about what if guys had the power of chicks. Don't get me wrong, dudes can totally run game on a chick and take her home. He can also be blunt and find that chick who is down for the sticking. They are out there. But I have to imagine the percentages between the blunt approach to the hook up leans heavily to the side that a guy would say yes than a lady.  

I presented a few guy friends this scenario and asked them how they would respond. If an average chick asks you home with no fluff would you do it? I'm talking she's not Paula Patton but not Whoopi Goldberg, not Halle Berry but not Gabrielle Sidibe, no Einstein but not a Republican (furlough still got me tight) would you do the pants off dance off? While everyone of them said it would depend on blah blah blah the answer was usually something like, "Haha, maaaaaan.... *sigh* Yeah. I'd take her down. Its the man thing to do." I only got through two women before I had enough data. These two women are very culturally diverse first off. The guy described is super average and not a murderer or something crazy in the least. Just wants a hook up. One of them said that she would try to joke it off, but if he was serious she would walk away in disgust. The other girl got so offended that I had to ask her answer, the convo ended there. Research is done. If you don't like it, write your own blog. (Or you could just read this
Get it?
Now imagine if this was reversed, or rather that women had the same mentality of guys and would just be down for the pound. The world would be in flames. I'm talking real fire and also gonorrhea and syphilis. I fully believe many bars would go out of business for lack of patronage and we'd be over populated like China. Most of the time, guys only go out to look at and pursue women. If we could ask a girl at Target to go home and she said yes, we can save money and pick up a frozen pizza. Most dudes I know would be perfectly content staying at the crib playing video games, watching TV and having a beer if random women were constantly walking in and out of their living room. And if they choose to get up and talk to one, they would. That's the perfect life. Now maybe I'm only speaking in terms of what I know and see here in DC, but this is where I've been my entire adult life. I do have a feeling that this thought is pretty much universal. The power of the V is far greater than anything a man could handle. Sure there are the guys out there who can get it any and every way, but I say fuck them (Ryan Gosling Boris Kodjoe). They don't live how 99% of us dudes  who actually need to put in SOME type of work for that wonk. Most women literally could walk in, point at a fella, wave him over and walk out 9 out of 10 nights a week. I fully support this statement. If a guy walks in and points and waves a girl over more than likely she'll pretend he doesn't exist. That some powerful stuff you got there ladies. Use it wisely.

Not trying to be ground breaking here, just what was on my mind this morning at 6am. Yes, it was. Don't ask why. Deuces.

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