Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Be !nspired... Be J.O.Y.ful


In the previous two weeks I’ve been attempting to inspire others and more importantly myself.  These articles have been doing both.  I appreciate the readers who have personally told me my words have meant something to them.  So I won’t stray from it just yet.  This week I’ve been focusing on my “star player” ©Katt Williams.  Me.  And what did I decide I need more than anything else. Joy.

You know the P!ed P!per is mad creative so while trying to describe joy I came up w/ attributes that contribute and make joy possible. One for each letter.  J.O.Y. = Justice. Ownership. Yearning.

Justice.  Justice brings joy.  This isn’t necessarily in the legal sense, but in the sense that life has a way of working things out.  You will ultimately get what you deserve whether that be good or bad.  If someone does you wrong rest assured that it will not go unseen.  They will come back to you asking for forgiveness or they may have to go through something because of how they treated you.  Knowing this, no one can take your joy.  It’s yours to give away.  If you’ve let someone or something have your joy, get that shit back.  Tell them “This aint Doritos and that’s Not-cho Joy.” Snatch.  Because w/o it you are absolutely no good to yourself or anyone else.  Case and point, ME.  I’ve let go of my joy for reasons I won’t disclose, but knowing who I am and believing  in that cosmic justice and knowing I am destined for greatness is restoring my joy expeditiously. 

Ownership.  It’s the fourth quarter and there’s 2 ticks left on the clock.  You’re the QB and on the one yard line.  You have a viable running back behind you and 3 more than capable tight ends as options in the goaline formation.  What should you do?  Call your own number knowing that there is NO way someone else on that field wants it more than you.  There might be those who want it AS much (parents, best friends etc.) , but why risk it?  It’s your joy and your situation.  Own it.  Man (or woman) up.  If you’re not happy it’s your own fault.  Real talk.  There is a great gospel song that says, “sometimes you have to encourage yourself”.  And those words are all the way real.  Case and point, ME.  Down… Set… HUT!  I’m going over the top of the pile sacrificing my all for that joy.  I’m taking full responsibility for my situation and the outcome. Straight up. I’m owning it.  No one wants my joy more than me, and no situation will determine it.  This leads perfectly into the last and most important aspect.

Yearning.  This is the most important  because w/o WANTING joy the other points aforementioned become null and void.  You can’t own it if you don’t want it.  No custody battle here or Maury’s paternal tests.  If you want it, it’s yours.  If you don’t want joy, cosmic justice means nothing to you.  But this is more than just a want for joy, it’s a yearning. You crave it. You stalk it.  You can’t do without it.  That has to be your mentality.  That’s all there is to it.  No other way to put it.  You gotta crave joy the way Tiger Woods craves white women… Seek J.O.Y.

L’Chaim…. P!ed P!per

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