Sunday, February 21, 2010

thoughts & updates

today's topic: thoughts and updates

1. my iPod is stuck between 1988-1993. i've been in this new jack swing mood for the longest. i think it reminds me of when i would go to the skating rink on saturday nights as a kid, and all i would hear is new jack swing and gospel. its good skating music, what can i say......

2. in my opinion, relationships are all about compromise and lust. as soon as you lose one, it's all downhill from there. compromise is important because it shows one person isn't selfish. you are willing to adjust to things you may not want to do, but are beneficial to the relationship. lust is important because once that desire, or "attractive factor" is gone, you'll care less about the least i will. attractiveness is what draws you in, and you still have to find the person attractive to stick around....if you don't like the word lust, change it to "desire", "attractive factor", or whatever adjective you feel is necessary.

3. i went to the bar last friday with my friend steven. he asked this white girl "what kind of music do you like"....she answered "i don't like hardcore hip-hop, jazz, or gospel." .....she didn't answer the question.

4. be on the lookout for my new mixtape that's droppin sometime this summer. i don't have an official release date yet. here's the deal: i work in downtown charlotte, which is a hotbed for homeless people. for some reason, homeless black men like me. they'll run past 5 white men to ask my black ass for $2 to buy something to, i thought about it, i want to help the homeless out, but i'm gonna need something in return. so, when i meet homeless mofo's now, i'm gonna make them freestyle for 2 mins. for $2. after i record these freestyles, i'll put the mixtape together and call it "bob george and the hedge fund hoodlums"....or something clever dealing with the homeless. so far, i have two verses. one from a negruh who described himself as "dajuan da swaggalicious". the other verse i'm sittin on, the dude can sing and rap. if he wasn't on crack, he'd be going places.....his name is "breakin dem hoez" lie. my logic behind the mixtape is this: if the homeless are gonna constantly harangue me for $$$, i'm gonna harass you also. i don't mind buying you food, but if you put stipulations on how i should give you the $$$, then fuck, i've had this idea in my head for a homeless mixtape for a while. so, be on the lookout. i'd like to have it up by june so you can have something to bump in your rides during the summertime (no fresh prince).

5. i need to find my natural talent. i've been searching for this since i was 13.....go figure. its like the longest "where's waldo" scenario ever.

6. my 5 must have cd's this past month: fiona apple (extraordinary machine), guy (guy), animal collective (fall be kind EP), keith sweat (make it last forever), ava luna (services EP)

7. looking forward to the 9th wonder and dj jazzy jeff parties next weekend.....shit should be dope. i feel like an official hip-hopper…peace.


ELA Exclusive said...

Brother George:

I think your mixtape idea is weird! Morally, it makes me uneasy for some reason. I think it's beacause I think it is funny, but I feel like I shouldn't think it's funny.

Just weird!

Bob George said...

sister ELA Exclusive:

i think it is weird too; however, i am a weird dude. i hug my weirdness....also, you have good taste in music if you like this song. thanks.

LuvliLadi said...

lol..ok, choosing to harass the homeless to get back at them for harassing you maybe funny or seem gratifying at first but then it will get old and pointless. Basically you have a life and more important things to do, they can and will continue to harass you day in and day out cause that's just what they do and rarely get tired. So you'll eventually lose the battle. But as long as its not you attempting to freestyle I'm a happy person LOL...just saying :D (so disturbing lol)