Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When He's Washin' WATCH HIM!!

"He gon make it to a Benz outta that Datsun"- Kanye West

This line when I first heard it meant nothing to me. I was younger then. A dumb 18 year old at a time when trying to figure out women wasn't AS difficult. It was college. I mean what’s really to figure out. You find a girl who's willing to provide whatever form of "companionship" you're looking for and you exploit it for as long as you can before it eventually dissolves. Immaturity mixed with the illusion of freedom make that age group a breeding ground for meaningless relationships. That line in Kanyes "Gold Digger" was talking about "real life" not that college shit. So it wasn't till I graduated that I fully understood it.

But to FULLY understand it I had to push the "Datsun". For me, that was taking on a security job at a community college. Not what I had in mind but in 2009 you took what you could get. The Gap wouldn’t even hire my ass. Kind of ironic. Just graduated with a bachelors so I could parade around with a felt badge and blue cargo pants locking doors and setting alarms at a community college. Not that it was a particularly bad job and that’s the point. Its not. Not the sexiest job but it put money in my pocket. In spite of the last statement, I was met with a lot of skepticism of my career path. Judgment about why I wasn't doing more after graduating from a 4 year college. A lot of that judgment came from females who weren’t aware of the ambition that I have. When asked what I’ve been doing post grad, the answer was met with the stankest looks from females I’ve ever seen. An immediate turnoff as if I was some sort of loser. Here's my issue.

I feel like almost every girl has a bit of "gold digger" in them. The promise of success in a man is a turn on. Success=Stability and at this age, a lot of people are thinking about finding what I like to call "#1". I get that. Don’t get me wrong but I feel like a lot of women fail to see the potential in seemingly meager beginnings. Without getting into too much detail, I'll say that fortunately by the beginning of 2010 I started moving towards getting my career on the right path. while making less money than I was as a security guard the potential had made it such that when I explain my job title I am no longer met with the stank looks. Its amazing how much stake women put in potential.

My charge to the women out there who have found that they have judged a brother prematurely. Stop and see about his character before writing him off. You may find that he has a lot more potential than you thought. Plus there’s nothing better than finding someone who appreciates you for who you are rather than what you can provide and where your going.

Just something to think about.

Oh and I gotta the 5ivebruhs fans and 5ivebruhs family...Bonnaroo check it out!

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