Sunday, February 28, 2010

goddamn that dj made my day

today's topic: goddamn that dj made my day © dmc
1. the most gangsta sound i've ever heard in the club came courtesy of dj jazzy jeff saturday night. if he was dj'ing all the time, i would enjoy the club alot may not believe me, or care, but he mixed pants on the ground with move bitch....i wish you could've been there to see and hear. it was like everyone got an instant adrenaline shot, and just started bouncin. shit was dope....9th wonder dj'd on friday night. he was dope also. i've heard him before at my alma mater, and he was 10x better this time. better crowd, better song choices, better mixes. kudos to 9fff wondra... this past weekend has confirmed alot about what i like and dislike, socially.

2. this is the official "bands i endorse" stamp for bob george.....none of these bands are as dope as tv on the radio, panda bear, or dirty projectors.....however, they have some hot shit. so, check the myspace pages for these groups. if you like the shit, hit up iTunes....SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT.....that is all. have a great week.... oh yeah, slept on festival of the year. hillstock 2010 (it ain't for everybody).


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