Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Olympics

As most of you all have probably noticed the Winter Olympics are underway and I must say that it is really worth watching. What I love about the Olympics is through the power of national pride, I can be bothered to watch weird and unusual sports. If it wasn’t for my love of seeing America take home gold medals could I sit through a “sport” which resembles shuffleboard with brooms. No amount of national pride however can get me to tolerate or much less enjoy figure skating. Any sport where the men prance about in spandex, with frills and sparkles on their face simply should not exist. Outside of figure skating, let me tell you about the sports I have been finding most interesting.

Down Hill Skiing- I don’t know what it is about this sport but I can’t get enough of it. Perhaps the extremely high speeds paired with a difficult downhill course just make the level of excitement too high to ignore. Watching these brave athletes navigate the course truly puts me in mind of watching rally racing, which is always a good thing.

Bobsleigh- C’mon, who didn’t watch Cool Running’s as a kid and not fall in love with the sport of bobsleigh? Although Jamaica is not in the competition this year, it is still amazing to watch. Bobsleigh also ranks very highly on my list of sports I would like to try but will probably never will. Much like downhill skiing bobsleigh greatly resembles motor racing so it instantly gets the nod from me.

Speed Skating- Once again this is another sport which greatly resembles a motor racing in one form or another. What also makes speed skating great is that the racers aren’t afraid to get up close and personal with each other. The occasional push and shove among the competitors is always fun to watch and lets you know that the contestants are giving it all they got. On top of all that it is great to pull for American Shani Davis, because honestly there aren’t enough black people in the winter games.

Snowboarding- I suppose my interest in this sport ties into my fascination with skateboarding and other “extreme” sports. The tricks and maneuvers the competitors can achieve are mind blowing and are super entertaining to watch. My only gripe about the snowboarding competition is that they don’t have enough events; I could watch this stuff non-stop.

So now that I have said my favorites please let me know what sports you all are watching!

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