Thursday, January 27, 2011


"One's philosophy is not best expressed in words, it is expressed in the choices one makes”
Now Elanor Roosevelt may have been right about that but I'm gonna try my damndest to express in words one of my philosophies so take a read...

"Go with the flow" "Roll with the punches" "Just go with it"
All these are phrases meant to enourage people not to think so damn much and live a little. Well I've got another phrase for you...DFTF. What does DFTF mean? "Don't Fight The Feeling". It's my life motto and as of yet has not failed me once. What I mean when I say Dont Fight The Feeling is don't let anyone or anything discourage you from doing what you think is right or fun at the time. Life is about experiences its about the journey, why not make it an adventure.

Here are some real world examples where people fight the feeling:

When you hear a song and everything within you wants to break out in dance but you think that people are gonna look at you sideways.

When you see a pretty girl and you want to talk to her but your scared she might think your a creeper.

When you think about your grandparents or a family member and while taking five minutes out of your day to tell them you love them would probably make your day you think of something more important to do.

I say DO IT...Dance if you feel like dancing, go talk to that girl, tell your family and friends that you love them. Don't let an opportunity to add something positive to your or someone else's life pass you by. You never know if or when that opportunity will come around again.

Basically this is a philosophy encouraging a life with no regrets and challenges you everyday to add something to your life. Something that you can't touch but you can feel and has a positive effect on those who surround you.

Now if that sounds too "hippie-ish" to you or your not feeling the idea that's cool, but if you dig the idea hit me up and you can get a "DFTF" t-shirt...yes I've had T-shirts made and buttons are on the way. I want to spread this idea to the masses.

In closing I love you all...Thanks for reading.

"Don't Fight The Feeling!" Live by it...

<---Definitely not fighting the feeling these guys...

And I know I'm late but it still hurts so RIP Tina Marie...

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