Tuesday, January 18, 2011

May Have Been Just a Speech...

But it may be the defining speech of a decade. President Obama’s Speech at the recent Arizona shooting memorial was not only profoundly moving, but it made both sides of the political divide shut up for at least 24 hours. Which is almost impossible. Both Democrats and Republicans seemed to take a collective in breath, as our national leader sought to answer our questions and sooth our pain over this event. But the speech was more then just a simple memorial. It sought to reassure the American people in the face of an increasingly violent reality. It was simple, graspable, and exactly what we wanted and needed to hear. Now almost a week later, we are beginning to see the negative rhetoric begin again. It seems that people have forgotten what Obama desired. Compassion for each other, reflection, and leading lives that help each other. I hope we will remember Obama’s poignant message, even when things look their worst.
"We need to make sure we are talking to each other in a way that heals, not wounds."
For those of you who missed the speech, check it out below. Happy belated MLK day.

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