Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Newness of Shit

P!ed P!per is reporting live from his HP laptop (little gift I picked up from my first and last black Friday adventure).  Feels good to be back on the blog.  I really missed this joint and keeping that line of communication open between myself and the other 5ivebruh authors.  I have the liberty of wrapping up the first week of articles after almost a yearlong hiatus, but don’t get your hopes up.  I had an article entitled “The Nod” ready to go, but this morning I woke up with another topic on my mind, so here it goes.

The Newness of Sh!t

New shit always seems to sparkle and gleam when the light hits it.  And when the lights are off we imagine what it looks like. We can’t keep our mind off of it.  It’s like watching Modern Family and staring at Sofia Vergara’s titties and hoping they make her run around for some senseless reason.  Or watching the Patriots play and wishing Tom Brady gets fucked up by a linebacker or concussed off the field by a cameraman running along the sidelines to get the best shot.  I kinda hate Tom Brady.

New Shit, you will learn, at the end of the day is just more shit.  There’s nothing wrong with appreciating what you have and taking full advantage of it.  But there is an issue with elevating the new shit to a level it does not belong.  This pertains to cars, clothes, relationships etc.  Learn to love who and what you have.  Never become infatuated. Infatuation fades and leaves you with nothing.

Think about it. When you get a new car, you bust your ass to keep it clean. You tell all your friends about it.  You brag and you boast.  You blast your music and roll your windows down.  You drive two miles an hour so everybody sees you. (Will Smith- Summertime) But honestly?  The next nice car on the street out-does yours  and no one gives a fuck about you and your car once you’re gone.  I mean I know I’m not exempt from this.  I have done this myself and probably will continue to do so, although I’m cutting it down as much as possible.  Nothing wrong with appreciating your whip, but to become infatuated with it leaves you with something to be desired once its beauty fades.  Old people with old nice cars don’t showboat and  don’t desire everyone’s attention when they drive down the street.  Their cars are pristine.  They love their car.  They take care of it.  New age rich niggas get a new car every 7 months. Why? Because they are infatuated with the idea of a new car and who sees them in it, not cherishing the fact that the car is theirs, not someone elses, and appreciating it enough to keep and maintain it as time passes.  Infatuation with a 2009 Lambo will fade once the 2010 model drops.   When’s the last time you saw a 2002 exotic whip on the streets? Love for your ’68 Jag will last.  Go to church… all the nice shiny whips belong to the old heads.
Relationships are the same way. Friendships and beyond.  If you go into a relationship or friendship expecting the world and becoming infatuated with a person, you will never get to know them the way you intend to.  Infatuation allows you to see no fault.  It provides a smoke screen of the nuances that would bug the hell out of you if this person were just some nigga on the street.  Beginning to love someone allows you to see and acknowledge the fault, but not really give a damn.  Me and my roommate are like brothers.  We can, and no we’re not dick in the booty ass boys, tell each other “I love you man”.  And as of recently I’ve been replying, “You don’t love me, you love the idea of me.”  This is said in jest, but the more I think about that concept the more I realize that the statement is true more times than not. 

You don’t love me, you love the idea of me.

 Loving an idea is an infatuation. You can’t love an idea.  If you wanna argue, tell me how to you express your love for it?  MLK didn’t just love the idea of equality, he sought after it.  He wasn’t infatuated with marching to take a stand on Jim Crow’s bitch ass, he lived it.  He loved the idea of being seen as equal and pursued it.  He made it a reality.  That’s what love is about.  Caring enough to make the shit happen.  Allowing your heart strings to pull you into action and getting off your ass.  I’m infatuated with Regina King’s body in ‘This Christmas’.  I say that while I sit on my ass.  Have I moved yet? No.  I can’t say I’m in love with that joint with any sincerity.  I can say I love it to express that I realllllly thought that thang was dope (like for real though, I reallllly think that thing is dope, real talk) but its still just an infatuation.  When I think about my best friends I don’t get all giddy and shit.  I think, that’s my nigga. Solid.  No bullshit. No filler.  But people will rarely be able to live up to the lofty ideas that are involved with infatuation, so don’t ruin your image of your potential best friend or wifey/husband by expecting them to be more than human.  Fall in love with them for who they are, don’t become infatuated by the idea of what they COULD be.  After all, that’s just a dream, people will fail that ass.  Don't mope.
Take shit as it comes. Enjoy the ride.  Hell, when we started the IDEA of this blog we had STRICT guidelines for shit.  The newness of this thing got to us.  It restricted our creativity, and thus, restricted the euphoria to be felt from true expression.  We invaded our own constitutional rights.  No excessive language. No naked hoes. Don’t piss people off… Fuck that.  I was initially taken aback by the large bouncing breasts of Olivia Huxtable on the blog. When I saw them the first time, I wondered about the reflection of this image on 5ivebruhs.  My first thought was… Maybe this makes us look like a joke?  Will women be offended?  Does our blog lack integrity?  Is Raven Symone pregnant?  The answer to all these questions is the same… it doesn’t fuckin matter.  Hell, those titties are hilarious, and we are some hilarious dudes. (Bounce on titties, bounce on…)   It was the newness of shit that caused a slight infatuation of what this blog could become, making us weary the first go 'round with this thing.  The newness had an adverse effect in the long run.  It was the newness of shit that gets us depressed when a new friend let us down.  It’s the newness of shit that pisses us the fuck off the minute a bird shits on our new car.  A little bird poo ain’t never hurt no one.  Like I said earlier, its just more shit. Calm down.
In closing, enjoy and appreciate the newness of shit, but do so on the gradual road to love, especially with people.  Little Kim is infatuated with Nikki Minaj’s career… you see where that shit is getting her…   Scary shit---->

(I'm not a Nikki fan either, although that moment 4 life jawn hits...)


P!ed P!per

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Teddy Graham said...

Literary genius. Im definitely digging your flow...its fresh and insightful on a real level...and def had moments that made me laugh..Im keep it up!