Friday, August 23, 2013

Breaking Bad: Honestly who's going to kill Walt? (Spoilers out the ass)

Episode nine had some foreboding shots, with Walt stepping into his dilapidated house and Heisenberg is  spray painted on the walls. And after watching episode 10 recently my thoughts are racing to the inevitable. Walt is going to die. He knows it, AMC knows it, and fuck we all know it. But who's going to be the one? Who's going to pull that fatal trigger that’s finally going to put this tightly whitey wearing, wife-raping, girl friend killing, little kid poisoning, train robbing, evil ass hole in the ground. These are Optimus Negro's personal biases and thoughts and do not represent the rest of 5ivebruhs. I'm sure the rest of them have their own opinions. But I'm probably right.

Over the last two seasons she has been a train wreck waiting to happen. I would have pegged her as pretty likely to pop Walt until last Sunday when Hank confronted her and she became ride or die. She didn't give up Walt! That's huge, figuring for the last season and half if she had been waiting for him to die a slow and painful death. Now she could be saving her ass. She would go down to if Walt was ever brought to court, but I think Skler still loves Walt. The chances that Skylar will kill Walt now, pretty unlikely. Sigh, white people.


Man, when Hank figured Walt out, I thought he was going to kill the mother fucker right then and there. I officially became a Hank fan for the first time in 5 seasons. I mean the dude has been pretty dense until two weeks ago. Two of the biggest meth dealers in the country are living within ten miles of you and you know both of them personally.  However, Hank at the end of the day is a cop, and a good one. He wants to bury Walt under the jail. Hank is going to do everything he can try to bust Walt. Hank would really need to crack or Walt needs to try to kill Hank before Hank even thinks about going punisher on Walt. The chance Hank kills Walt, very big maybe.


Jesse has lost it. Dude’s not sleeping and throwing millions of dollars around Arizona. He’s almost a non-player at this point. Sad thing about Jesse is he’s probably the last good person in Walt’s life. Looking at it symbolically, Jesse is Walt’s conscious. Well right now, he’s a sniveling shell of a thing with a frozen expression on his face. All the death Walt has caused seems to sit right on Jesse’s soul. Jesse is my favorite pick for killing Walt. It would be perfect poetry and validating. Very Shakespearean. But there are some big things that need to happen before Jesse will man up. First Jesse has to get out of Hank’s clutches. Second, Jesse needs to find out everything: the kid poisoning, the death of his girl friend, Mike, everything. Third, Jesse has to really snap. Break out of this sleeping beauty thing, and go HAM. That’s going to be pretty difficult considering he looks like the above most of the time.
A Big maybe, Bitch!

Oh I hate Lyda. I hate her so much! Lyda is potentially the craziest person on the show at this point. With all her shaking, and crying, and that annoying wobbling voice thing is making some power plays. Remember Mike said that woman was trouble and she’s proving it. Lyda is getting people killed all to keep her international investment going. Everyone, me included, under estimates her at every turn. After watching Episode 10, Lyda is just ruthless enough to try to take out Walt just because he doesn’t do what she wants him to. And she's getting desperate. Desperate meant that 9 people died. Likely.


Second on my most hated list is Todd. The retard that killed that kid who just wave at him. Waved at him! He talks like Forest Gump on mushrooms. He Looks like Captain American and a Hitler Youth had a love child and produced an inbred goof ball. But like Lyda, you can't underestimate Todd. He’s a psychopath. Doesn’t blink at killing anyone. Even makes jokes about it. I would give him a Maybe but only if he gets his…

Crazy Nazi Hit Squad- 

The crew that took out 9 men in jail in two minutes. These guys are ninjas, and brutal, and give no fucks. They need to be paid; so Walt is dead if someone pays them or if nobody pays them and they take it out on Walt. Also the foreboding future scenes seen throughout this season has their stamp on it. Likely.

Some Czech Hit Man- 

This is a long shot but there still could be an unnamed player in this. Walt's been selling to the Czechs all season until he abruptly stops. Eastern European stereotypes are not to be fucked with, and Walt’s been fucking with them. Case in point, Lita’s crazy ass is making power moves trying to get them their product. We still have a couple of episodes left, enough time to introduce some ultimate international assassin. Maybe.

Walt’s cancers back, and he’s got 6 months to live. But honestly I think it’s a plot device used to increase the stakes of the show. When Walt had Cancer earlier he was desperate, and being desperate made him make rash and bold moves. Now that he has his Cancer again were going to get the same level of desperation that we did earlier in the show. The likely hood Walt is going to make it through these six months is slim. But then again, for Walt to go quietly into the night might be the character’s last big fuck you, and is a perfect way to end the season. Maybe but only if none of the above get him first.

The Ghost of Gus and Zombie Mike- 

Hey maybe Breaking Bad is the prologue to Walking Dead. That would blow your little nerd minds wouldn’t it? Not likely.


Brudda J said...

One option you forgot. He gets away and doesn't actually have cancer again. Gets away gets and makes them think he died. He gets all hairy and shows back up to his crib to reminisce about how damn smart he is.

Either that or he runs away to become the dad in Malcolm in the middle...

Optimus Negro said...

I like the later. Blew my mind.