Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kendrick's in Control

So I was deep in the writing of an article about student loans (I hate those bitches), but Facebook sparked a new conversation for me. Kendrick Lamar's verse on Control.

About 75% of the way through, Kendrick starts getting extra real about hip hop and where it has gone  since its inception.  I'm not here to say I am the hip-hop guru nor a spokesperson for Kendrick Lamar, the dude speaks well enough for himself, but for those who read this blog I'm going to give you a perspective on this verse that you may not understand.

All over the internet I'm seeing people calling this a diss record on everyone who is hot in the game right now. Saying he's calling them all out. False. He didn't mention bum rappers like 2Chainz or Lil Wayne, but he mentioned rappers who have the potential to help hip hop get back to what it is. An art form. Hip hop originally came about as a way of expression and sending a message to those who listen. It is steeped in political unrest and the struggle of the black community. It has shifted into a money making machine with little or no quality in most of its iterations and is ultimately aiding in rendering our youth as useless.

Kendrick mentions a part about drunken white girls looking for parties. This isn't what hip hop was created for. Granted, no one is saying hip hop shouldn't be used in a party setting, but that's not why it was born. It should be about the challenge of being a great rapper. To go down in history as a Tupac, "The King of New York" like Biggie, Nas, and JayZ should be the ultimate goal. To not be just another nigga making paintings, but to go down as a Rembrandt. The ultimate goal in any art form is expression and to have an impact on your world through your visions. Quite similar to J. Cole's verse on "Let Nas Down" where he said Nas' lyrics on his wall was less words and more pictures.

I'm honestly annoyed with people saying get of Kendrick's dick. To me, its all about in what aspect is one on Kendrick's dick. If you are on his dick because he seems to be dropping the gauntlet and aiming to start a riot among all of those he mentioned in this verse for publicity purposes, please get off his dick. If you are hyping Kendrick up and this is the first thing you have heard from him since "Drank" and you had no idea who he was even before that, please sit down. If you're all giddy just because you hope there is some drama, stop reading this. But if you are excited with the hopes that this could be a turning point in hip hop, continue on. I'm hoping and wishing that those with the talent and notoriety enough to be mentioned in the verse step up to the challenge of being artists. Kendrick is doing what everyone else in the world should do on their job on a daily basis. Aim to be the best to get that promotion and receive the credit you are due, and not just show up to collect a check.

Truth be told, Kendrick's fame is due to the fact that hip-hop has been horrendous over the years minus a few specs of light. Those that write on this blog would often call each and just laugh at the songs on the radio and have to Google how dudes like Gucci Mane became famous. Who the hell saw Waka Flocka and decided his voice needed to be heard? Why is 2Chainz, formally Titi Boi (HA), getting a second chance to be famous with his lack of lyrical content? Because hip hop is at an all-time low and that bullshit sells to all of the idiots who buy and support it. When a co-worker of mine can argue with me and tell me that "Future is here to stay! He makes hits!" and be right about his validity in the game, I have to question my love of hip-hop and exactly what it is.

You can never walk past my desk without hearing music coming from my radio, but if you ask me what song just ended I always draw a blank. Its just noise. They began playing Kendrick's verse and I dropped my pen.Turned my chair towards my radio (which is buried under papers in the corner) and slowly inched up the volume. What I heard gave me a glimmer of hope. The game has been dominated by music that is "TURNT UP" but I always reach out to turn it down and I hope Kendrick can help turn it around. I implore all the readers of this blog to support, request, download and outwardly express your desire for hip hop that has meaning and feeling, because that is the only way real hip hop becomes the norm.  To turn it back into a gladiator sport of warriors lyrically battling to prove who is the best on the corner would make me and real hip hop heads so happy. At least make music the people can relate to, no one I know rocks Tom Ford because I'm broke just like my friends and just like you. We can blame student loans on my blog next Wednesday.


Kelia said...

Bruh. You are right on point with this analysis. It is good to see young lyrical geniuses inspiring each other, and coming with some real hip hop. The only thing I would disagree with you on is the Tom Ford..I believe J is saying more in that song, I just think myself and others are still trying to digest and decode it.

Have you heard Lupe's response? He went in too. I'm glad Kendrick got people's attention. He is worth looking out for, unlike wack ass Diggy Simmons who came at J.Cole. He got no love..bc he is no one in the game for others to worry about.

Just my thoughts

Brudda J said...

I have not heard all of the responses yet. Can't hear youtube at work. Maybe I'll look into all of those and write something about the many rebuttals that this verse has spawned. Hell, I guess his efforts worked right?